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Make Money on eBay - The Feedback Dilemma

One of the keys to make money on eBay is maintaining a very positive feedback record. Sellers are continually challenged with the problem of providing feedback to buyers and then receiving positive feedback for their hard work in return. Yet those same sellers know that they must do everything possible to ensure the positive feedback keeps coming. In fact, their goal is to maintain a 100 percent positive feedback record.

The question is whether it is better for a seller to provide feedback to the buyer immediately, or is it better to wait until feedback has been received from the buyer. By withholding feedback, there is some power and control over buyers. Obviously, if a buyer gives negative feedback the seller is positioned to do the same thing.

There are arguments that support sellers provide immediate positive feedback. By immediately providing positive feedback to every buyer, the seller is setting the stage to receive positive feedback in return. By immediately providing the positive feedback, some argue that the total number of positive feedback comments will also be much larger. To make money on eBay, the total number of positive feedback comments lays the groundwork for a higher percentage of buyers providing feedback.

On the other hand, as the argument goes, there is little recourse if the positive comment has already been given to the buyer and the buyer decides to make an unearned negative comment. Those who make money on eBay know that even one negative comment can be fatal to an eBay business. This is a true statement whether the negative feedback is warranted or not. Had the seller's comments been held back, they could then respond with negative feedback in return. The final decision regarding feedback is up to each seller. Decide whether to provide feedback immediately, or following receipt of buyer feedback. To make money on eBay, be sure that you do provide feedback to each and every buyer.

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