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Make Money On eBay - Increase the Size of the Sale!

For those who want to make money on eBay, increasing the size of the sale is a thought that is continually running through your mind. In fact, one of the most rewarding things that we have learned is exactly how to increase the size of the sale. We use three primary methods for achieving this.

Tip Number 1: COMBINE IDENTICAL ITEMS Just as the name implies, combining identical items is simply taking two, three or more of an item and combining it into a single package. In our case, rather than selling a single package of baby bottle nipples that might retail for $5.00, for example, we place groupings of the same bottle nipple together into a single auction. Those groupings might be four to six packages that together retail for about $30.00. Buyers are just as quick to snap up the combined package as they were the individual packages. A buyer bonus? Shipping charges are less when measured on a per-item basis!

Tip Number 2: COMBINE SIMILAR ITEMS Once again the name tells it all! This is taking similar items and combining them together into an auction package. In our bottle nipple example, this involved replacing a single package of baby bottle nipples that retail for about $5.00 and placing a variety of different bottle nipples together. We might combine one or two packages of slow-flow nipples with one or two packages each of medium-flow and fast-flow nipples. Again, the buyer will happily make this package purchase. That's especially true when they discover that per-item shipping charges are reduced.

Tip Number 3: ADD-ON SALES FROM YOUR eBAY STORE This method involves very little effort on your part. Buyers simply work to save on shipping charges by adding purchases from our eBay store. The work for you is to keep the store well stocked with a variety of products that will appeal to your target buyers. If you are selling baby products, a store that is filled with pet supplies probably won't work. However, fill that eBay store with baby items and you will soon have many add-on sales, and that means that you will make money on eBay.

Tip Number 4: CONDUCT RELATED AUCTIONS AT THE SAME TIME Another technique that had been successfully used to make money on eBay is to list related or complementary items at auction so they close at overlapping times. For example, if you are selling bedding products, you might list a sheet set that is complementary colors to a quilt or bedspread that you have listed. Buyers would buy this combination if it were a Bed-In-A-Bag, so why not let then have access to the pieces of a bed-in-a-bag set?

We have had add-on sales of identical products. We have had add-on sales of complementary products. Finally, we have had add-on sales of totally unrelated items. In all cases, the buyer's first questions were about reducing freight costs by adding other purchases. Be sure that you highlight the shipping cost benefits - give it a try and you will make money on eBay doing just that.

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