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Make Money on eBay - Product Delivery Matters

To make money on eBay requires knowing the many critical steps involved in operating a successful eBay business. Product delivery is one of those critical steps in the online auction process. As such it requires the same amount of focus, energy and attention to detail as any other part of your online auction business. Successfully handling all of the details of product delivery equates satisfied buyers.

One of the key fundamental truths is that most buyers expect instant delivery of their eBay purchases. While it is impossible for this to happen, there is still that expectation. If a buyer pays you at 1:00pm on Tuesday, that buyer wants the product in their possession at 1:00pm that same day! To make money on eBay, you must maintain communication with every buyer to reassure them that shipment of their product(s) is your top priority. Keep them informed when the product is shipped. Make sure that they provide feedback to you if there are problems.

You must ship all paid-for products in a timely manner. It also worthwhile to establish defined shipping days. Be sure to post shipment days on your "About Me" page, and in the item listing.

The packaging of products that have been sold requires attention as well. Sellers need to make sure that items have been properly wrapped, cushioned and sealed. Nothing is worse for a buyer than waiting several days for a new purchase to arrive only to find that the seller didn't provide cushioning for the beautiful glass vase that was purchased. And now that vase, which the buyer patiently waited to receive, sits as a million pieces in the box! You will not make money on eBay if that happens very often.

It should also be noted that the appearance of the package is important. After all, the packaging and the shipping materials are really the last things the buyer sees (Other than the item that was purchased of course!) that can be associated with you and your eBay business. Believe it or not, we have received many positive feedback comments about the quality and appearance of our packaging. While most comments are about our speed, customer service, and the actual product, all positive feedback is welcomed feedback indeed! And to make money on eBay requires positive feedback of all kinds.

Be sure that the box or carton that you use to ship products is sturdy enough to handle the job. Also make sure that it is the right size for the item(s) that you are shipping. Nothing irritates buyers more than receiving a small package of pencils in a box that was made to accommodate a computer! Shipping charges are expensive enough without buyers being asked to pay for a huge box that contains a tiny item and lots of air!

Make money on eBay by always completing proper packaging and prompt shipment of the products that you sell.

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