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eBay Voted Worst Place to Make Money

This article is about eBay and how they were voted the worst place to make money in 2008, by home business owners. eBay made some drastic management changes when Meg Whitman stepped down as the President and CEO of eBay in early 2008.

The problem was John Donahue got handed the torch and screwed things up royally; for the loyal powersellers of eBay that had supported them for years. The sellers on eBay help pay the bills. But this guy stepped in and made many mistakes starting with spiting on eBay powersellers by doing various things to put them out of business.

He raised fees and hiked up prices everywhere he could. He even took away an honest feedback system. Now the feedback system means nothing because sellers can't even respond to a buyer's feedback. That's just ridiculous. Plus he said he didn't need powerseller's anyway. That's just the beginning.

eBay's powersellers went from 56 percent of the members down to 16 percent in just three months because of his many insane changes against sellers. Since paypal is tied in with eBay it gets even worse. Paypal will withhold your high end transaction money until you ship the item. That's ridiculous! Buyers have been waiting for the merchandise, saying they didn't get it so they get a refund through paypal. Then the buyer gets their money back and the goods for free.

It's a losing game all around for the sellers on eBay. Especially since retail stores and wholesalers are selling their goods just over wholesale prices. Small business owners are no competition when their own wholesaler is the competition!

But that's okay there are many ways to make money besides eBay.

Online Auction,
Half.com (owned by eBay),
Blujay, and

are just a few great ones. New auction marketplaces are popping up all over. Good ones too.

There was a time when eBay was top dog in the auction marketplace world. But just as I predicted when good ol' Johnny boy took over in 2008, eBay would eventually crumble. In fact, the reason why the powersellers on eBay dropped 40 percent was because the powersellers on eBay all petitioned to boycott eBay after John's insane changes.

John said the petition would never work and in his own words "He doesn't need them anyway". Here it is 2009 and eBay reported a substantial loss in profits over all of 2008. So most eBay powersellers took to the high road and started their own website or found other means to make money from home.

Having your own website is much better than eBay anyway, it's all profit! The other powersellers who didn't have means of making their own website moved onto things like; Flea markets, garage / yard sales, boot sales, fairs, classifieds / want ads, collector's conventions, and offline auctions. Some sellers moved on to the easy life by becoming affiliate marketers. There is always a way to survive. Especially, when the forces are against you on eBay.

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