eBay has banned its users from placing any digital product that is sent to the customer in the form of a download link. Large numbers of eBay sellers have been thinking of ways to avoid this problem. One suitable approach is to send the CDs to their clients so that sellers can stay within eBay rules.
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Digital Download Restrictions on eBay

eBay has banned its users from placing any digital product that is sent to the customer in the form of a download link. There has been a great commotion regarding eBay and its digital item restrictions. Large numbers of eBay sellers have been thinking of ways to avoid this possible problem.

One suitable and likely approach is to send the CDs of these products to their clients, so that sellers can successfully carry out their sales while staying within eBay rules and regulations. This is an effective way of conducting your business. While you are selling the products you can introduce your customers to several of your other online products.

For example, if your customer wants to purchase one of your e-books then he can receive your CD that can be sent to his doorstep within a couple of days. In the meanwhile you can direct him to one of your websites that contains extracts from e-books that you also want to sell. Think of it as a great selling opportunity. You can advertise your products while making sales. This can be an effective way of building relationship with your clients.

The opportunity to send your products in the form of CDs can provide you with some extra time to promote your other products and services. For example, a customer shows some interest in your digital photography e-books; he places an order and makes an online payment. You send him an email telling him, that a CD containing an e-book will be sent to you in a short period of time, say within 5 days. Make sure you thank him for being patient. Within this email, you can add a link to one of your other sites that contains excerpts of your e-books. So, the customer is happy reading all the material on your other website, while the digital photography e-book is being delivered to him.

The biggest benefit of this approach is that you can create your own CDs at your own home. All you need are CDs, labels and a CD-ROM drive that can write CDs. With these tools you can write as many CDs as you want, at your ease. You will always have ample time to promote your other products, since you can count on shipping and delivery days to provide you that needed time.

For example if you receive the request for 2nd May, you will take some time out later in the day, and write the CD for your customer and send him an email, informing him about the delivery time that is the 7th May. You can tell him to read about your other offers through your website while the book is being dispatched and delivered.

Dave Nicholson is a full time Internet Marketer who has helped countless numbers of people succeed with his advice, designs and creations. You can reach him at his blog: Dave Nicholson Blog

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