If you are an eBay seller you are already aware of the recent shifts in policy that have changed the face of eBay forever. They're just trying to weed out sellers who have compromised eBay's reputation by delivering poor service.
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Three Ways to Make More Money on EBay

If you are an eBay seller you are already aware of the recent shifts in policy that have changed the face of eBay forever. The question is: will you be one of the stragglers that gets left behind? or will you adapt? EBay isn't in the same evolutionary period as it used to be. This means that some sellers will be forced to quit; however, it also means that others will only let this adversity make them stronger. Which group will you be in?

No, eBay is not dead

They're just trying to weed out sellers who have compromised eBay's reputation by delivering poor service. Do YOU offer poor service? If not, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you keep your buyers happy, this change could actually be GOOD for you. EBay is just trying to keep their buyers satisfied, because these are the people who keep the system thriving. No buyers means no business, and no eBay. Don't believe me? Just look at any of eBay's competitors. None of them have a significant volume of buyers, so their sellers don't make a penny.

While there may be some cases where eBay has gone to far in punishing sellers, this is still a rare occasion. For the most part, if you follow the rules, eBay will treat you well and you're business will grow. Don't let a few isolated cases intimidate you. There is still a lot of money to be made through online auctions.

What about the Economic Crisis?

No one will deny that the global economy is going through a tough time. It won't help anyone to ignore the increases in gas and food prices, or the rocky terrain of the British and American housing markets. And unfortunately, these problems don't exist in a vacuum. It can't be denied that eBay sellers have felt the sting of consumer reticence as buyers have cut down on spending due to rising costs. What can eBay sellers do to make the best of this situation?

It's time to OPTIMIZE!

This means:

• Reducing Expenses
• Moving to Unaffected Markets
• Increasing Overall Productivity
• and so forth...

Restructure your eBay business by using strategies that other sellers have been complacent about. Are there sectors that have been under-tapped? You bet there are! Optimization will help you to find these new strategies.

In addition this newsletter will keep you updated on other ways to improve the efficiency of your business. For example: wouldn't you like to know about an efficient method for keeping visitors on your listing for longer? If so, you need to look into...

Shop Promoters

Shop Promoters are tools that you can use to promote your eBay shop or "Items for Sale." This means giving your customers OPTIONS! If you are selling an item that is SIMILAR to what a customer wants but not IDENTICAL, they are just going to leave and look at something else. But not if you give them options by leading them to your eBay store where you may have exactly what they are looking for.

Also, you should use graphics to promote your items. Buyers aren't going to click on a boring text link with no panache. This is really a simple principle. If you are familiar with creating graphics yourself take a look at websites offering these services like BannersMall.com or Elance.com, quick! This could be the best investment you've every made into your eBay business.

Andrew Minalto is founder and CEO of the Web's largest auction templates company Spicy Auction Templates. Andrew runs successful information publishing business as well as an eBay store and an online retail store. The recently launched Easy Auction Business website is dedicated for all people trying to achieve financial freedom or just to make some extra money by selling on eBay.co.uk

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