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What Should I Sell on EBay?

The truth is that most eBay sellers have trouble figuring out what to sell on eBay. But the ones that are successful are the ones who do their market research and keep abreast of new profit producing techniques. I've started this article with the express purpose of making sure that YOU as a seller are always aware of the current eBay trends and always know what to sell on eBay.

In the following articles, we will discuss many of these techniques in detail. However, today I would like to highlight one of the most important ways to make sure that you are selling products that will make you money. It's called "flipping."

Flipping is a three step process which involves:

1.Buying inexpensive and generic but attractive products in bulk,
2.Changing them or their appearance through one or more value additive methods, and
3.Reselling them individually or in small groups for profit.

This process is simple, won't cost you a bundle to start, and is guaranteed to make you money so long as you buy the right products and do your market research. As you read on, you will quickly realize that the question of what to sell on eBay is at least as much about HOW to sell as it is about WHAT to sell.

Buying the Products

The most important thing to keep in mind during the first step of the flipping process is to purchase products that are easy to ship and high in demand. When trying to decide what to sell on eBay consider necessities such as batteries and health products or small amenities like makeup and children's toys.

In order to make a profit, you will need to buy generic products in bulk. You can get these at your favorite wholesaler, or if you don't have one you can try one of the following pre-approved online wholesalers:


Now it's Time to Do the Flip!

Now that you have some idea of what to sell on eBay, the second step is the actual flipping process. This involves taking the generic products that you have purchased in bulk and improving them in some meaningful way. Here are a few tried and true methods that you can easily use:

Give your product a unique new package.

When it comes to eBay (and frankly, when it comes to selling stuff in general) the image that a product exudes is almost more important than the product itself. And packing is half of product image. You can easily purchase custom made boxes or wrapping for your products for a fraction of the value increase that this will result in.

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