Yes, you may not get the sales you get on ebay, but there are other marketplaces that offer their services for free. Ebay charges high fees, so why not try the same thing for free.
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Ebay Isn't The Only Marketplace

There a few out there that specialize in something or are up and coming to be huge auction marketplaces. When you own a business, you never want to settle for one thing. The more places you branch off to, the more customers you will get. Yes, you may not get the sales you get on ebay, but there are other marketplaces that offer their services for free. Ebay charges high fees, so why not try the same thing for free. You want a back up plan for other places to buy and sell from. As usual, my review is based on my own experiences. I recommend every one of the websites I mention in today's post.

Bid4assets is one of my favorites! You can sell here, but I wouldn't recommend it. This website doesn,t get traffic for buying goods off merchants. It's nothing fancy, but it holds some great bargains. It's not really a place you want to buy little things from. Government agencies like the U.S Marshalls Office, FBI, and ATF confiscate items from people every day.

Bid4assets is a major place that the government resells seized property, from high end cars, to homes with lots of property. Anything that the government has lawfully taken from fugitives and so forth. There are some junkers, but that's to be expected. Most of it comes from crooked low down people, I am sure. This is a great place to check out. Everyone now and then there is a great deal there.

Blujay is another great marketplace. It's 100 percent free to use and you can even set up a web store. This isn't an auction marketplace, but it is a great place to set up a free store. They get tons of traffic. Not as much as ebay of course, but they get enough traffic so you will have sales. You can also find some really good deals.

They let you use Google checkout and Paypal for payment methods excepted. These guys grow everyday. Someday soon they will be a marketplace giant. When you set up a webstore with them; your webstore is automatically placed into google and froogle search engines. It's a fantastic place to branch off to.

eCrater is another spectacular free marketplace. Ecrater's best feature is; You can set up your own E-Commerce Website, for free! Ecrater gets tons of traffic everyday (in the hundreds of thousands), so they are nothing to shake a stick at. Your E-Commerce store and products in it will be automatically sourced into google search engine. You can find some really good deals here also. Just buy some stock cheap and resell on ebay.

I really recommend branching out into an ecrater E-Commerce website. Again, your sales won't be like ebay, but you will notice them coming in. There is one downside; they only let you accept google checkout in the checkout options. But you can also list payment details in your item description, if you accept other payment methods. This is my number one recommended marketplace. Everyone should have an ecrater store!

uBid is another great place to buy and sell products. Ubid has really grown in the past year. You are missing out if you don't buy or sell on Ubid. The auction fess are a lot cheaper than ebay. This is another place I make a habit of buying goods to resell on ebay. It is also the best place, besides ebay to sell products also. The traffic and customer base is probably the biggest, out of all the auction marketplaces that I mention today. You will do a lot of sales being a member of Ubid.

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