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How to make Money Selling on eBay - Knowing the Best Days for Your Auctions to End

One of the interesting things about selling on eBay is that a tactic that works every time for one seller may not work as well, or even at all for another seller. Those that know how to make money selling on eBay are continually checking their strategies. They are always working to improve the performance of their eBay businesses.

Many eBay experts provide information that speaks to which day of the week to have your auction end. Their goal is to achieve the best sales price and the highest number of sales. It is almost universally stated that Sunday is the very best day for auctions to end. This is a time when the majority of purchasers are not at work, and therefore can focus on competing for your products. The resulting frenzy of activity will result in higher sales prices for your items. At least that is the theory that is presented.

We have tested almost everything you can do with our products. Guess what? For us, at the time of the testing, Thursdays were best! We had more items sell during Thursday-ending auctions. We averaged a slightly higher overall sales price for those items. For us, it was an all around better day to end our auctions for the products that were selling at that time.

We checked our results again later. Interestingly, we have also had the same items do better when the auctions closed on Sundays in this follow up. We checked again a few weeks later. The best day had moved once again! The variation occurred not by the week, but rather over longer periods of time.

Knowing how to make money selling on eBay requires that you continually check every part of your auction effort. Our suggestion is that you monitor your successful auction rates carefully. We also suggest that you monitor sales prices for non-seasonal items very carefully as well. If either of these go down, re-evaluate your auction ending days. (Of course you should also double check the basics such as pictures, title and descriptions as well.)

Monitoring performance can be done quite easily. It can be done by adding an extra listing or two with new closing days and/or time. No matter which days are best from that small sample, eliminate the days that did not perform as well. Retest the days that did result in more sales and better prices. Narrow it down to the day that actually produces the most sales and the highest purchase prices for you. It is important to periodically check your results. It should become a part of your business routine. Don't wait for sales to crash before you start examining.

Knowing how to make money on eBay requires that you maximize your sell-through rate AND the prices that you receive for your merchandise. By routinely monitoring those two things, you are setting your eBay business up for success.

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