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Make Money on eBay - How to Set and Achieve Goals

One of the keys to business success is setting goals and then achieving those goals. Make money on eBay by setting and achieving your goals. But exactly how is this done? Successfully achieving goals comes down to three simple steps.

Step number 1: Identify Your Goals. It is very tempting to identify goals that may not be reasonable. For example, setting the short-term goal to be the top seller on eBay is probably not reasonable for a first-time seller. (This might be a great long-term goal to be achieved in 3-5 years however.)

More reasonable short-term goals might be to learn eBay, to make 5 sales on eBay, to identify three suppliers for the chosen market niche or to establish 100 percent positive feedback.

Business goals fall into two categories. Short-term goals are the goals that will be achieved during the next 12-24 months. Long-term goals are goals that will be achieved in 3-5 years, or possibly more. The process for identifying all of these is the same. Time is the major difference. However, there are cases where short-term goals lead to the beginning steps for long-term goals.

The important things to remember are:

  • Goals must be clearly defined and understood by you. General goals that are vaguely defined will be difficult to achieve.
  • Goals must be realistic and possible to achieve.
  • There must be a commitment to action and to achieving goals that are set. After all, anything could be listed.

What is important is setting goals that are meaningful and that you intend to achieve.

Step number 2: Set the Plan of Action. Goals can't be achieved without specific action. Therefore, once your goals have been set you need to establish a set of actions that will support you as you move forward in achieving each of those goals.

An easy way to handle this is simply to define the actions that will be required to achieve each of your goals. Write them down along with a commitment for when they will be completed. Make money on eBay by being very specific about the actions that you develop for your plan.

By writing them down, you can go back and monitor whether you are investing the time to make the action happen. By stating a committed date for completion of the action, you can measure you success in moving that action off of the list of things to be done. The actions really provide a definite date when goals will be completed.

Step number 3: Take Action: Move Forward and Achieve Results The first two step of the process help clearly identify your goals, along with the actions that you need to take to achieve your goals. These are both extremely important steps. However, the rubber really hits the road when it comes to step number 3.

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