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Earn eBay Cash From Research

Are you the type of person that enjoys probing, investigating and researching a subject? If so, then here's a way you can make some easy money from all your cerebral efforts.

Not so long ago, selling "website links" on eBay was quite a money spinner. Essentially, the idea was to compile a useful list of links for a particular niche market, say for example, wholesale suppliers / dropshippers, and then sell this, with some explanatory text, to any interested buyers.

The quality of this information often varied from the totally inadequate to the extremely useful. Perhaps because of this inconsistency in quality, eBay now tends to frown on this type of basic product even if the customer happens to get good value for money.

However, the general concept of selling "internet content" is still a financially viable one and something that can be adapted and improved upon. So if you decide to try and sell the results of your research then you'll probably have to devise a more acceptable 'end product' to ward off the attention of the eBay policy hounds.

Obviously, your aim should be to offer relevant, informative and, ideally, unique information that'll be of great value to your customer and well worth the money paid for it. So with that as your goal, let's try to work through an idea and explore it's possibilities.

Let's imagine that you're a keen cyclist and that you know all about the best cycling web sites that deal with discounted equipment suppliers, beautiful cycling locations, cycling holidays, great cycling clubs etc. This information would no doubt be extremely useful to many cycling enthusiasts. And it's something they'd be prepared to pay good money for rather than spend hours themselves surfing the web.

And remember that this kind of research could apply to any market from antiques to xylophones and everything in between. So no matter what your interest, if you can offer some really useful and interesting information then it could be offered for sale on eBay.

But how do you turn this raw information into ready cash?

Well, you could still try to sell a list of your web links but as mentioned earlier, this is not considered to be appropriate by eBay. So you could experience some listing problems with this approach. However, there is an alternative.

What about making a simple video of your own research efforts?

This could show you locating the sites of interest, with close up screen shots, and offering tips on how to get the most from the sites and the best way to use them.

This approach is more than likely to circumvent any eBay listing problems. And you could charge more for this type of 'tangible' item because there's more of a perceived value on the part of the customer with this type of product than just an email list of links with descriptive text.

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