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Five Wholesale Product Distributors for Wholesale Products to Sell on eBay

Looking for wholesale products and distributors for selling items like jewelry, clothing, and handbags to sell in eBay auctions? Every eBay seller wants to buy their auction items at the lowest possible cost, but few eBayers know these secret wholesaler sources.

Here are the top five websites for finding real wholesale products:

An interesting site with supplier listings primarily from Southeast Asia. Here you can find companies selling name brand perfume for $4 a bottle, Nike shoes for $20 a pair, Juicy Couture track suits for $20 a set, and endless other bargains.

Of course, there are a few downsides to these rock bottom prices. You have to wire your money overseas and then wait for your goods. You have to deal with suppliers to whom English is definitely a foreign language. And most importantly, you have to wade your way through a lot of fake merchandise.

It is possible to find top quality wholesalers on AliBaba though. You just have to invest a lot of time in winnowing the wheat from the chaff.

True wholesaler of a wide variety of products including computer memory, jewelry, consumer electronics, and designer clothing. Nothing fake here, but you are competing against a lot of savvy bidders for the best lots.

Name brand clothing is always authentic shelf pulls, overstocks, and discontinued items. There are often lots that repeat two or three times a week. Wholesale lots start at $100 and can climb over $3,000 for choice lots.

Bargains abound, but the auctions have a unique twist. Any bid placed in the last three minutes of an auction automatically extends the closing time by an additional three minutes. That means you'll be up against some serious bidders every time, but again the merchandise is always genuine.

North American Wholesale Co-Op
NAWCA provides three great member services. You can browse product catalogs from 2,000 wholesalers online. You can search through 100,000 products for the best discounts from multiple sources. And, you can search liquidation listings from multiple websites that are updated each hour.

For example, a product search brings up a lengthy list of suppliers. You can jump to each of their websites to examine product pictures and specifications or sort your results by price or country.

Most of the time, you're more comfortable buying from wholesalers within your own country. That way, you avoid sending advance payments overseas, paying customs duties, waiting two weeks or more for shipment, and so on.

The North American Wholesale Co-Op Association is a great way to narrow your search quickly to the top two or three companies. Then, you negotiate final terms directly with each company.

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