For the craft lover who doesn't know where to begin marketing their crafts, eBay would be a good start. It is the best way to get the broadest audience's attention. eBay goes beyond your backyard and reaches people all over the world.
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Selling Your Crafts Through eBay

Selling on eBay has become a popular phenomenon. Many a time I've heard people mention that they bought their latest gadget from no other then eBay. For the craft lover who doesn't know where to begin marketing their crafts, eBay would be a good start. It is the best way to get the broadest audience's attention. eBay goes beyond your backyard and reaches people all over the world. With their advanced search engine, it allows someone who may be looking for a particular item to go straight to what their looking for.

For those who have heard of eBay but not actually gone searching, this is how it works. For a first time seller, you must create an eBay account which includes your name, address and credit card number (secure site). Once you've filled in the online forms, you will have your own seller account which will list your auctions.

Each time you want to check your sales, you must log in with a screen name and password. When selling an item, you will go through a series of pages describing your item for sale. To top it off, you will upload a picture onto the auction site for others to view your craft. When listing a craft, you will be charged an initial fee which is a set amount for the listed price. For example: If you list a craft for .99 cent, your initial fee will be .25 cent. If you list an item from $1.00-9.99, your initial fee will be .35 cent and so on. Once your item has sold, you will also be charged a "final value fee." This is calculated by a percentage of what your craft actually sold for.

If someone likes your craft they will put a bid on it. If someone else comes along and wants the same craft, they will put a higher bid on it. At the end of the auction which is generally seven days, the highest bidder wins.

eBay also offers eBay stores, which allow you to sell many items in an online store. When listing an item, you usually list a BIN (Buy it Now) price. There is no auction involve. In your online store, you can list prices as well as pictures of the item. This is a good route to go if you plan on selling multiple items of different colors, shapes or use.

Be sure to list pictures. People love to see pictures of the items their bidding on. You even have the option of placing multiple pictures on your auction site. Try to get different angles when taking pictures. Get close-ups of any detailed work. When taking the picture, be sure to get it in the right lighting and best background. Appearance sells!

When listing a price at auction, it's best to start low. This will attract more buyers to your item. If someone is interested in your craft and they want to watch it to see the bids being placed on it, they can put it in their "watch." You will know how many people are taking interest in your item because the number of watches shows up beside the item in your account.

When listing your craft, be sure to give plenty of detail. If there is a default in the craft, make sure you explain that in the description. Also describe the color and the size of the item. If you sell it in various colors, explain this to the potential buyer. Some people are looking for a certain color and you want to be open to them. If they like your item, they might come back for more in the future.

eBay isn't for everyone. Sales are made by pay pal, cashiers check or even person checks, whatever you're willing to accept. And the only communication that generally transpires between the seller and buyers is through email.

The most important thing to remember when getting started is to be honest about the item, and explain the craft in detail. People want to know all there is about an item that they may purchase. Explain the texture if you're selling something that is wearable. Let them know about the special detail you've put into a painting. And if you're expertise is pottery, elaborate on the special colors used for the craft.

If you want to find out more about Starting a Home Based Craft Business you can at Craft and Home Business Ideas

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