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Selling eBooks and Other Digital Goods on eBay

The sale of ebooks on eBay is a large market and it is a venture that can be filled with great opportunity and success for the seller, as well as the buyer. The great thing about ebooks is that many of them come with Master Resell Rights. What does this mean and how can it help the buyer and reseller?

Master Resell Rights are granted by the publisher of an ebook (or other digital product) to the sellers of their product. In turn, the buyer can turn around and sell it to other ebook buyers, keeping 100 percent of the profits they generate from their sales. No commissions or royalties need to be paid to the original publisher. (Please note that the copyright remains the property of the original publisher. Copyrights are not transferred, just the right to distribute the products.)

So, everyone profits from these Master Resell Rights.

Digital products, like ebooks, are easy to sell. Here are some examples why selling ebooks can be to your benefit:

1. Oftentimes, the publisher of the ebook provides cover graphics and a sales letter in web page format so that you can easily customize it with your own information and upload it to your own server for people to download after purchase.

2. No trips are required to the post office if you send via internet only. Some sellers opt to burn the ebooks onto a CD and mail it out via snail mail to their buyers. (By doing it this way, the seller rakes in more profits by charging for Shipping & Handling.) It is important to note at this point that if you are selling ebooks delivered via internet download on eBay that it is AGAINST eBay rules to charge Shipping and Handling for this transaction. Many ebook sellers charge S&H anyway, but I find it is best to follow all of eBay's rules. Keeping your nose clean is the best way to develop your reputation on eBay.

3. Selling digital products is not that time consuming. In the beginning, the set up is a bit time consuming, as the seller must upload all their ebooks to their server, as well as customize the sales letters and create eBay listings for the eproducts. When you have most of your digital deliveries on autopilot, you can spend a few hours a day developing your relationships with your buyers and potential buyers. By this, I mean following up on items purchased, developing new digital products for your buyers, and marketing your e-products on the internet as well as other sources.

eBay's new Digital Delivery System has really simplified and broadened the ability to sell digital goods on eBay. Although it does have its drawbacks, I find that it is really the best way to get your product to your buyer. To learn more about eBay's Digital Delivery System, please consult this informational area provided by eBay: Selling Digital Items

With this new ability to provide the download location immediately to eBay buyers, sellers are able to free up much of their time because it cuts down on manually sending emails. When the download URL is made readily available to the buyer, you do not have to worry about the buyers' email spam filters or even their correct email address.

As soon as the PayPal payment is processed, the location is disclosed on their receipt. In addition, buyers can access the download location again at any time by doing the following:

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