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Making $2000 on eBay, selling Silver Jewelry

Making money selling silver jewelry is simple. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and some basic computer skills, and a suppplier that provides you more than just jewelry. You will be needing a supplier to caters to your specific needs. If you want to succeed selling jewelry on ebay you need to have a large variety of items, beautiful pictures, and new products consistently.

Since you would be starting a new business, it would not be easy for you to purchase from suppliers with minimum orders, even a minimum order of $100 is too high for newbies. Silver jewelry costs around $2 and above per piece; depending on the design/make. A $100 minimum would end you up with 50 pieces; and what if the items do not get sold? Most suppliers do guarantee their products, and will refund you for incorrect merchandise. Is there any supplier that would allow you to return products that are not sold within a certain period of time?

If your supplier provides pictures, it will save you a LOT of time, taking good pictures of jewelry requires a good camera, the correct lighting, and a lot of time. Further more, if a supplier packages products individually; it would save you a lot of time to package the products. You should be receiving a shipment with all the products prepackged, in either plastic bags, or bubble wrap; so all you have to do is sort them out, insert them into envelopes/boxes and mail them to your clients.

You can easily profit up to 200-300% of your buying cost, ie. buying a ring for $3.00 and reselling it on ebay for $10. That is $7.00 profit, from just clicking your mouse. If you list 10 rings a day, it would be $70 In 30 days, for a total of 30 days, that is $2100.00 ; minus 10 percent for ebay expenses and other costs; you would be left with approximately $1900.00 This is only the minimum, by selling 10 rings/day.

You can list a lot more. There are other products too, such as earrings, bracelets, pendants ... and more. All of this; and more are profitable items. A supplier that allows you to return items that are unsold, is your guarantee to success. There is no real investment involved, if it does not work; just return the items. However if it works, build on from there.

Mr. Apisith is founder / president of 925silver4u.com site unavailable], An excellent resource for home businesses looking to start a silver jewelry retail business.

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