At times we all come across circumstances where we could do with some extra income. In this report we will be specifically talking about earning an income via eBay. Not a few pennies here or there but a meaningful part-time income.
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The Secret of the eBay Money Machine and How to Get Your Share

If you have all the money you need, then this information won't be of much use to you! If however, like most of us, there are times when you could do with a little more, read on.

At times we all come across circumstances where we could do with some extra income, be it that extra special present we need to buy, that unexpected bill that needs paying or just to make ends meet. The standard answer to the above would be to get a part-time job, but if you're already working full time or you need to stay at home to look after the kids or perhaps an elderly relative, working extra hours can be easier said than done. There has to be an easier way. And there is.

It's time to put your Computer and Internet connection to work. There are many ways that you can earn an income via your computer; however, in this report we will be specifically talking about earning an income via eBay. Not a few pennies here or there but a meaningful part-time income.

At the last count eBay had more than 100 million members worldwide and were carrying out tens of millions of simultaneous auctions each day. Mind-boggling isn't it? Yet approximately only 1 percent of those 100 million plus members are selling on eBay. The rest are buying.

So how would you like to be selling in a marketplace of almost 100 million buyers? But "what would I sell"? I hear you ask. The majority of sellers on eBay fall into what I call the hobby category. They buy a few bits and pieces at their local yard sale and sell it on eBay. In other words they treat it as a hobby.

The problem with this approach is that they constantly have to replenish their stock, plus they have the hassle of packing and mailing their items. There's nothing wrong with this but it's unlikely to earn them a good, steady, part-time ncome. You have to sell products that will give you good a profit and or will attract a lot of bids and that you:

* Don't have to stock
* Don't have to pack
* Don't have to post

This may sound like a tall order, yet it's very easy to do. Digital products such as Ebooks, Reports, Articles (like this one) and Software can be downloaded over the Internet; therefore they need no conventional storage space, no packing, and no trips to the Post Office.

If you don't know anything about digital products it's very easy to find out about them, but if you would rather sell a conventional product then get someone else to hold the stock and do the packing and postage for you!

Lets suppose you wanted to sell Computers and Computer Accessories via eBay. You would find a wholesaler who stocked these kind of products, buy at a discount and sell them on eBay at a profit.

Would you still have to stock the Computers and Accessories? Possibly, but not if you find a wholesaler who also dropships. Dropshippers are usually wholesalers that will deliver their products to your customer, so in this example you contact your wholesaler/dropshipper to find out what rage of computers and accessories they hold, advertise your choice of product via eBay and when it sells ask them to post it to the winning bidder/buyer. You don't even have to pay for the product until you have sold it!

Great. No start up capital.

This is exactly what I do and it works extremely well. Of course, Computers are just one example of what you might sell on eBay. There are Wholesaler/Dropshippers stocking just about anything you can think of. So can you really make a good living from eBay? You bet your Little Cotton Socks you can. There are people making a fortune on eBay. Maybe by selling Little Cotton Socks.

I generate a very good full-time income, working about 10 to 12 hours per week on eBay, selling among other things New and Used Computers and yes you've guessed it, I don't stock, pack or deliver them and I don't pay for them until I have been paid.

It's not difficult to set yourself up as a seller on eBay, there's heaps of help on eBay tself. Just click on help in the top right hand corner of any eBay page to get all the assistance you need.

Ian D Major is the creator of, the one stop resource for information, reports and articles about all things eBay. To subscribe for free to eBay-Articles and get Articles, Reports and Bonuses delivered to your inbox weekly, visit:

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