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Five Profitable Services to Sell on Fiverr

Fiverr is currently the 450th most popular website in the world.

Based in Israel, it was designed to provide a "marketplace" through which people are able to buy-and-sell small services (originally for $5 each) - which have now grown into one of the most prolific business-service platforms on the Internet.

The beauty of the system lies in its ability to encourage sellers to create interesting / unique "gigs" that other people can buy. The breadth and depth of knowledge available through the system is profound, and certainly unique. This is the core of what made it successful in its founding year of 2010. By 2012, it had over 3 million listings on the site.

This tutorial is going to examine the most popular / profitable listings to sell on the system. Whilst the quality of a service is by far the most effective way to achieve notoriety on the system, what you offer and how you offer it is also extremely important... particularly if you don't have any previous marketing / sales experience.

The core thing to appreciate is that if you're looking at sell your services, they need to have an underlying business benefit (typically money-related).

For example, if you write articles - you need to position your service to benefit a particular type of business (financial / medical / fitness etc). The key "selling point" will be that your articles are backed by an expertise which not only boosts the business' underlying value, but encourages the growth and adoption of new buyers into the business' ecosystem.

To this end, when you consider the listed services below, you must remember that it's not the "services" themselves which are important, but the way in which they're able to provide users with the ability to grow their business.

Whilst luck plays a massive role (getting "ranked" on the Fiverr website is of vital importance), and gives people the opportunity to determine exactly what they're getting for the money. If you're able to provide a good service, and present it in a way which encourages users to adopt it for their business, you'll typically start to get decent orders regardless of what you're offering.

What's popular?

Business Copywriting

This includes "articles", "sales copy", "about pages" and web content in general. There are MANY non-native English speakers who are not 100% confident writing for an International audience. The most important thing to understand about "copywriting" is that you firstly need to be able to write lucid copy. Whilst this is a skill that can definitely be honed, it's almost always borne through talent. To this end, if you do have an affinity for it - you need to "scope" your copywriting service around a particular company/business/service specifically.

For example, SPXMAC (one of the most popular accounts on the platform) provide AMAZON copywriting services (for product listings). By positioning your product/service in a very specific way (like the above), you're basically able to provide a service which is extremely specific and able to provide your customers / users with the ability to determine exactly what they're getting in terms of a benefit.

Graphic Design

The human brain thinks in images; thus the ability to create "graphics" is by far one of the most vital elements of the modern world. For this reason, Graphic Design on Fiverr is one of the most popular services on the system. The trick with this is to be able to deliver lucid imagery (it doesn't matter "how" you design them - so long as they look sublime). Book covers are a perennial best seller, but other things such as "article cover art" and other things are also popular. Again, the most important thing with this is that you're able to *show* users what you're doing. The best way to "sell" graphics is to show them.


EVERY website and publication requires expert-level content to be provided. If you're able to provide this, it could be a good second income for you. The important thing that needs to be stressed here is that the content you deliver NEEDS to be expert-level. If it's finance, you need several years' experience in the market. If you're providing medicinal content, you actually need the experience / qualifications pertaining to that market.

The key thing with articles is to treat yourself as a contributor to someone's website. Don't just write drivel. Write expertly, professionally and ALWAYS over-deliver on the level and length of the content, and - most importantly - offer the content from the perspective of being an EXPERT on a topic. Again, the thing that people are buying generally has nothing to do with the "product" itself, but the underlying reason why it's going to make them money. To this end, you need to be able to showcase yourself effectively by explaining how you've provided your expert knowledge in the past.

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