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Make Money in the Sharing Economy with TaskRabbit

Founded in 2009 and based in San Francisco, TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that helps busy people live smarter by allowing them to outsource their errands and numerous tasks, such as picking up groceries or making reservations for dinner and a concert. They're like an eBay for odd jobs.

The service gives busy people the opportunity to pay others to run their chores and errands. These "taskrabbits" do things such as pick up and deliver groceries, return merchandise to stores, shop and deliver party⁄event items, or assemble your furniture. List a chore and a price you're willing to pay, and someone nearby will do it for you.

For example, I have an errand to take care of but simply don't have the time to handle it. I log into TaskRabbit and post my errand with the amount I'd like to pay for having it done for me. From there, a group of their chosen people (Task Rabbits or "Runners" as they're called) bid on the job.

Taskrabbits can use the app via the Browse Tasks feature. This brings up a list of tasks in their area that they can complete. For example, the task of "IKEA Delivery to Chicago" is near my location. I can choose to apply for the task, and either the user or TaskRabbit will assign the task to someone. If I am assigned the task the pay is $59.00 to pick up three items from IKEA and deliver them to a business in Chicago.

Normally, the lowest bidder wins the job. TaskRabbit gets a cut of the transaction, and the bidder performing the job gets cash in his or her pocket. Quick errands like picking up dry cleaning can net a Runner $10 to $20, while larger jobs, like painting a house, can go for significantly more. Customers pay by credit card, and the runner's share gets deposited into a TaskRabbit account, with checks cut every Friday.

TaskRabbit currently operates in:

SF Bay Area
New York City
LA and Orange County

They're coming soon to:


Don't see your city? Leave your email and zip code on their site and TaskRabbit will notify you when they get there!

According to their website, their Runners break down as follows:

10% college students
12% young female professionals
15% moms
25% male retirees
38% other

Some of these runners have lost their jobs, or had their hours cut, and are using TaskRabbit as a means to supplement their income. Additionally, the service brings a sense of purpose and self satisfaction to people who have been laid off, or have been looking for work for months or perhaps years.

You can start being a runner from your home, on either a part time or a full time basis. All you'll need is a few tasks to get up and running.

Interested? Go to: TaskRabbit and fill out an application to become a Runner. The hiring process includes a video interview and a background check. Access to a webcam and microphone is required for the interview. Once you're in, you can start grabbing posted tasks.

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