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How People Are Making $1000 a Month Offering Simple Services

Fiverr is this crazy hot new website where buyers and sellers get together to exchange money for services. And, get this - the price on everything offered there is five dollars. Itís just insane what some of these people are willing to do for five bucks! And the fact is they are selling hundreds, sometimes even thousands of these services.

I know what youíre thinking! How can anybody make money, even if you do thousands of these things, if you only charge five bucks? The answer is gig extras, and good old fashioned tips. Many sellers hang a new-fangled cyber tip jar out there to collect a little extra love for a job well done. But the real money is in the gig extras. Just what are gig extras, you ask. Gig extras are this hot new idea Fiverr has developed that is allowing many sellers to consistently turn five bucks into fifty or one hundred dollars.

Here are just a few of the services sellers are offering on Fiverr:

1. Video testimonials
2. Puppet videos
3. Logo design
4. Facebook timelines
5. Product reviews
6. Sexy messages
7. Psychic readings

Are you beginning to get the idea? There is no limit to the type of gig that you can offer. If you can imagine it, you can do it.


What can you sell on Fiverr?
Getting started
Writing your first Description page
Your Offer
Information Box
Gig Pictures
Writing out the offer details
Add tags to help your gig get found
Gig extras are where the money is
What's all this talk about levels
Getting paid
Hints on picking a profitable gig
Twenty-Nine Gigs That Will Make You Money
o Job Seeker Services
o Testimonials
o Writing Services
o Puppets
o Graphics and Design
o Website Services


What can you sell on Fiver?

Perhaps a better question is, what can't you sell on Fiver? A quick look at the website shows people offering a number of normal and no so normal services.

Before we even try to pin down any ideas for what you should sell, lets take a look at some of the crazy ass shit that is selling well.

1. There's this middle aged dude (anibalf). His offer is to sing a depressing Happy Birthday as a mouse. In what you can see of his cover video there's an old dude wearing a Mickey Mouse hat and he really does seem to be depressed. Any guesses how many of these he's sold over the last year? 107! That's 107 people shelling out five bucks each to see a depressing old man sing the Happy Birthday song in a Mickey Mouse Hat.

2. Jebediahjenkins will do anything you want (within reason) as a redneck for $5.00. His cover photo shows this redneck geek in a cowboy hat in front of a confederate flag. He can sing, play his "geetar," and even deliver a special "redneck-ified" message. For $10.00 more he will do it outdoors, and for $20.00 he will rush deliver this video extravaganza in only two days instead of the normal five. And, incase you were wondering, he's sold 67 gigs in the last seven months.

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