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How to Make Five Bucks in Less Than Five Minutes

For those who have never heard of Fiverr you are missing out. It is a great place for individuals looking for help, businesses looking to expand, or even better a place to earn some extra cash. Making money on Fiverr is one of the easiest things you could ever do. Take an existing skill or talent that you already have and turn it into cash. They have tons of categories you can earn cash in and even more sub-categories. I guarantee you will find someway that you can contribute and start earning some extra money.

• Gifts
• Greeting Cards
• Graphics and Design
• Video and Animation
• Online Marketing
• Writing and Translations
• Advertising
• Business
• Programming and Tech
• Music and Audio
• Fun and Bizarre
• Lifestyle
• Other

Those are just the main categories you will find on Fiverr. Each of those have their own sub-categories for literally tons of possible ways to earn money. The process is simple. You make a new account on their web-site. Click the "start selling" button along the top navigation. Decide what you want to actually do for five dollars. Then the "gig" will go public and others will start to send you five dollars to perform the task.

Like most online transactions you will need a valid PayPal account. Spend some time marketing the gigs you perform through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and etc. The best part is there is no limit to how much you can earn.

You can add extras to the gigs you provide for more than five dollars. For instance you might make a simple graphic logo for a business at dive dollars. Then charge another five dollars if they want it done with 48 hours. Up-sell that even further if they want buttons designed for a web-site that complement the logo.

The best part about this whole Fiverr web-site is you don't have to be some tech guru. The layout is simple and the way you earn money is by providing a service that you are able to actually do. The only limit on making money is the limit of what you are willing to do.

• Sing a random song for in public and film it.
• Teach someone how to keep score in bowling.
• Help someone setup a Facebook account.
• Design a cool graphic using Photoshop.
• Create an article for someone's blog.
• Send out a tweet and Facebook message for a business.

I've known people on the site to make just a few hundred dollars but also someone who has made more than $16,000. Like most things in life you get what you put into it. Take five minutes, or thirty minutes, or one hour a day doing something you know how to do well and make some extra cash it is that simple. Start making money online now at: fiverr

Also save money on ink and toner at my web-site. I've used tons of services from Fiverr to help launch and grow my ink and toner store. [http://www.findprinterink.com parked domain]

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