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Freelancer Websites

There are many websites where employers who need some work done, but who don't need, or don't want to hire a full-time employee, post projects they need done. You can sign-up to join these websites and bid how much you would charge to complete the projects.

The types of work you'll find at these freelancer websites includes all forms of writing, art and graphics work, web design, all kinds of programming, remote system administration, and many more.

On a freelance job website, there are no fees to the freelancer, and there is no fee for employers to post a project. These websites generate revenue by charging the employer a certain percentage of the value of each project completed.

On these websites employers post a description of the work they need done, the date by which they need it completed, and they also usually post a budget for the project, or how much they are willing to pay to get the work done.

Once a project is posted, freelancers begin bidding on it. Selecting a project to bid on is not an easy task. Does it sound like the type of work that you would like to do? Do you really have the skills and experience required to complete the project? Is the amount that the employer is paying satisfactory, and are the payment terms acceptable to you? All these things need to be considered before bidding on a project.

Employers will receive bids from many freelancers with a wide range of skills, experience, and pay requirements. Some employers don't really focus on the bidder’s qualifications and experience. They just want the lowest cost worker. Some employers want high quality results and are are will to pay for a highly qualified freelancer to perform the work.

However, for most employers, it's a matter of value. So choosing the correct freelancer to do the job is no easy task. The employer wants the freelancer with just the right level of skills and experience to do the job right, for the lowest cost required to complete the project.

When bidding on a project, not only is it important to indicate your qualifications and experience related to the work required to complete the project, but also to let the employer know that you are highly interested in and excited about their project, and that you are dedicated to doing the highest quality work.

Giving the employer a 100 percent money back guarantee if your work is not done to their satisfaction reduces the risk of hiring you. Can an employer take advantage of your guarantee to rip you off? Not really, because every freelancer website has a two-way rating system. Employers rate the results they receive from freelancers, and freelancers rate how it was to work for the employer. An employer who doesn't pay or who requests their money back will get a bad rating, and no freelancer will ever bid on their projects.

The Best Freelance Websites

eLance is the largest freelance site and was founded in 1998. Employers post about 70,000 jobs each month on eLance, and since its inception there has been over half a billion dollars paid to freelancers.

Guru.com started in 2000, has more than 8,000 projects posted each month.

GetaFreelancer is an Australian company that posts projects fro employers from all over the world.

iFreelance does not collect commission from work done for employers, instead freelancers pay a small monthly membership fee.

oDesk is a Redwood City, CA based company with an easy-to-use website. Just click on the "Find Work" tab and you can search or browse jobs by category or by skill.

Utilizing freelance job websites can be a great way to fill the gap between regular full-time jobs. But you may start to enjoy the freedom and independence you get from being a freelancer, and if you can generate full-time income or more from doing it, you may never want a full-time job again.

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