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Passing the Elance Proficiency Test

Each and every one of us want's to earn online and we may have come across various websites that promise us just what we're after. But, most of them are scams and we fall prey to them. Therefore, never believe any website wherein you have to pay in order to secure a job as most of them if not all are complete scams.

Some of the best websites to earn online include Elance, oDesk, Guru and various other freelance sites. However, in order to join Elance you would first need to pass the Elance proficiency test. This test is conducted to ensure that you know the basics of their site as if you don't it would be very easy to fall prey to a scam.

The Elance proficiency test can't be termed as a test as you're provided with links to information related to each question. Basically they're questions based on the escrow services, type of jobs available as well as quite a few questions based on the various forms of memberships available.

Also, you will come across questions that are related to tested skills. Elance offers you the opportunity to test your skills as this proves your superiority in a particular field. Therefore, before you take the test, make time to read about the feature of tested skills on Elance as it won't just help you pass through this test; but, also help you get your first and most important job.

Your profile is another important feature and if at all you're looking forward to passing the Elance test you would need to know about the importance of filling up your profile. This is general knowledge and you may not need to do any research about it.

Another favorite when it comes to test questions are the ones related to the hourly jobs. Elance offers hourly jobs as well, and to keep track of your work, they have a feature called the Tracker. This tracker takes about five pictures randomly throughout the hour and posts them to the work room so that your client can keep an eye on what you're doing. This prevents the tracker from running and billing your client when you're not working on a project.

Finally, comes the most important aspect about getting started on Elance. If at all you want to have a peaceful time on Elance you would need to know about their rules and regulations. Therefore, Elance does have some questions based on their TOS as well.

However, you need not worry about passing the Elance test at all; because, as already mentioned along with every question comes a link to a page with all the information you need. They're not trying to throw you out, rather they're trying to help you get started the right way so not many people do fail this test.

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