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Ten Tips to Get You Started in the Freelance Life

At some point in your life you wake up to the dream shattering sound of the alarm clock and wonder what it would be like to be able to switch it off, go back to sleep, and get up at a time when it suits you to work. Ah, nice dream isn't it? Or is it just a dream? Have you woken up to the potential of freelancing yet?

Everyday people all over the world are getting up when they want, start work when they are good and ready and there's nobody there to tell them otherwise. These aren't massively rich people with high level executive jobs that have a multitude of people to delegate things to; they're just normal human beings who have found a way to do something they enjoy and set their own schedules. These people have taken skills that they already have and started putting them to use as a freelancer.

You may have sat at work before and thought to yourself that you're undervalued for the type of work you do, in fact, it would be quite rare if you hadn't. However, most people don't do anything about those thoughts. Most just keep on getting annoyed with the way their lives have turned out and wonder about what might have been, little realizing that it's still a case of what might be.

If you have a skill that's in demand then the chances are you can become a freelancer and make more money than in your normal 9-5 job. Here are 10 ideas to consider as you think about making a move from employment to freelancing. You will see some differences between working for someone else and working for yourself.

1. If you want to start freelancing you will still have to put in the effort to get the required work done. In fact, you might have to work even harder at first than if you were still in 'regular' employment. That's because you will be on your own to find jobs, get contracts and get the job done. You no longer will have someone giving you work to do.

2. Still, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing work for yourself and that people now employ you specifically because you have a specific talent. That should feel wonderful.

3. You will need to learn about freelance contracts so you can set them up with people who want your freelance services. A freelance contract let's both sides know what's expected and when it's expected by. Then it's up to you to do what you do within that framework.

4. A freelance contract is essential because it also covers you for things that may go wrong during a project. For instance, if a project takes longer than first negotiated, you might need to go back to your client to renegotiate the contract. That means you want to have a well written contract that covers various contingencies in doing projects. This provides a safety net for both you and the person using your freelancing skills - and should make everything more secure for you.

5. Strive to complete all of your contracted work to the highest standard possible and in the time frame negotiated. This means working in a fairly short space of time. When you can do this, there will be no reason why you shouldn't be able to start at anytime of the day you want to work on your projects. It may take you a bit of time to get into the rhythm of things at first but once you have you can work at a pace that suits you.

6. To get started, you will need to know where to find your first assignments. You may decide that you want to try picking up some work in your local area. In that case, try contacting local businesses directly to see if they have any freelance work they can offer you.

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