Working as a medical transcriptionist doesn't necessarily mean working at a desk in a hospital or medical office - you can have a career in medical transcribing while working from the comfort of your home.
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Working at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists responsible for transforming various hospital reports from their dictated form to the written form. Every day, thousands of patients are admitted to hospitals around the world. Most patients are seen in any emergency room and in some point would require for various laboratory tests and x-rays. Every time a patient interacts with a medical professional, reports are generated - just imagine how many medical reports are dictated every single day.

Medical transcriptionists transcribe medical reports that are saved as hard copies or stored on computer. As long as there are doctors, medical reports will be created and will need to be transcribed, providing job opportunities for medical transcriptionists.

Working as a medical transcriptionist doesn't necessarily mean working at a desk in a hospital or medical office - you can have a career in medical transcribing while working from the comfort of your home by applying online to medical institutions. Most medical institutions have web sites where they list job openings.

Be very careful, however, when in filling out the online form. Carefully the instructions before answering questions, since medical companies look at how well you've followed instructions and filled out the form as a basis for hiring. You must be meticulous with your grammar and spelling since medical reports need to be transcribed without any mistakes.

The usual requirements for transcriptionists are as follows:

They must have a thorough knowledge of medical terminology, an excellent command of grammar and above-average keyboarding skills. Keyboarding is more than just typing - it means proficiency in using all the keys on your keyboard.

Procrastination is not a trait that works well in this profession, so if you have the habit of putting things off then medical transcription is not the job for you. Home-based transcriptionists must be independent self-starters, should be able to research unfamiliar phrases or jargon when necessary, and should be conscientious, detail-oriented workers.

Most companies would rather hire medical transcriptionists with previous in- house experience when hiring someone to work from home, since they can save time that would be spent training. Many require that applicants have a year or more of experience working in a clinic or hospital.

If you're an aspiring medical transcriptionist without any experience, though, there are some companies that only require their applicants to have excellent listening and keyboarding skills and, of course, good understanding of English grammar. These employers provide their home-based applicants with medical resources that contain terms, abbreviations and medical definitions to assist them on their transcription.

Kathryn Whittaker has an interest in Health related topics. To access more information on medical transcription or on online medical transcription, click on the links.

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