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Minispreadsheet to Calculate Cost of Acquisition

Acquisition cost of equipment means the total cost of acquiring the equipment, this includes the price of the equipment, any taxes related to the purchase, the cost of shipping the equipment including in-transit insurance, the cost of installation, and any costs related to making the equipment work for the purpose for which it was acquired.


Important: Do not enter any dollar signs or currency symbols of any kind. This minispeadsheet does not preserve zeros to the right of the decimal point. Any data typed into a cell is not entered into the minispeadsheet until you hit [Tab] or [Enter] within the cell. The complete instructions for minispeadsheet are here.

Cost of acquisition minispreadsheet

Shown above is an example of a Calculate Cost of Acquisition spread sheet. Note the cells with a blue background. The blue background indicates that a formula was entered in that cell. You enter a formula in a cell by right-clicking in the cell, and typing the formula into the popup that appears. The formula entered into cell B3 in the example was B1*B2, the formula entered into cell B6 in the example was B1+B3+B4+B5.

Note that this minispreadsheet provides a third column allowing you to compare the Cost of Acquisition from two different sources.

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