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How to Start a Coffee House

Start a Coffee House

The Starbucks coffee house chain was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Today it operates 23,768 locations worldwide with 2017 Q2 Revenue of $5.3 Billion. A coffee house may be one of the more simple businesses to start among businesses in the food and beverage industry. Your small business may never rival Starbucks, but if you can meet the needs of your customers, you will be able to create a successful business that will endure over time.

Write a Business Plan

Write a business plan that is detailed and specific concerning all aspects of your coffee house endeavor. Financing, menu options, operating hours and employment considerations should be fully explained, along with details about the name of the business and anything else that will help prove that the coffee house will be a viable business opportunity. If this step proves to be troublesome for you, contact the Small Business Administration. Their experts can help you draft your business plan and find financial support.

Pick a Location

Pick a location for your coffee house. The location should have plenty of parking available and be energy efficient. You will want to be located where there is either a lot of drive-by traffic or foot traffic in order to increase your visibility to potential customers. If you are considering offering a drive-through window, your location should either already have this option or be located where a drive-through window would be accessible to drivers.

Furnish Your Coffee House

Furnish your coffee house with tables, booths, chairs, couches or any other options you wish to offer to customers for seating. Build your kitchen, keeping in mind what you plan to offer on your menu. Purchase dishes, glasses, silverware and mugs for serving. Basics such as a cash register, napkin holders and other restaurant staples are part of this step.

Create Your Menu

Maybe you just plan on offering coffee with various options. Or, you might like to offer muffins or pastries along with coffee. Some coffee houses offer sandwiches and soup. Determine ahead of time what your basic menu will include. Set prices accordingly.

Order supplies

Order supplies that you'll need to create your menu selections, along with carry-out containers and basic supplies like napkins, coffee stirrers and other miscellaneous items. Do your homework to learn which vendors offer more economical prices and delivery options that best fit your needs. These requirements may change as your business evolves and grows, but this is one of the most important initial steps that will help you succeed in your business. By ordering from well-researched vendors, you may save a substantial amount of money.

Hire Staff

Hire employees to help staff your coffee house, if your budget allows. High school or college students often make excellent employees, depending on the hours they can work. In the beginning, your coffee house will need fewer employees. But, just because you may need fewer employees at the on-set, do not settle for employees who do not meet your standards of excellence.

Hold an Opening Event

Hold an opening event to help iron out any last minute details or problems. Invite a small group of people for a free sample during a pre-determined time. For instance, a soft opening event might occur on a Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. Offer a free coffee or tea (or other sample from the menu).

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