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100 Ways to Make $100 or More

1. Sell something you'd normally buy by becoming an independent sales representative. Examples: Avon, Mark Kay, Mia Bella, Tastefully Simple, etc.

2. Rent booth space at your local flea market or farmers market and sell your "clutter".

3. "I'd sell two or three pieces of jewelry that I make." ~ Kate, Facebook

4. Rent booth space at your local flea market or farmers market to sell your handmade crafts, gift baskets, candles, jewelry, etc.

5. Pick up Poop - Clean up after your neighbor's pooch. Ten customers at $10 a week, or five customers at $20 a week.

6. Love fish? Not the kind you eat, but the kind you have for pets. Sell your services as a fish tank installer and / or offer weekly maintenance of the tanks.

7. Chop and sell firewood.

8. Run errands for others. Grocery shopping, going to the post office, taking the car in for maintenance, doctors' appointments, waiting for the cable guy, etc.

9. Know more than one language? Offer language tutoring and classes.

10. Share your expertise in Math, Reading, English, Literature, etc. by offering tutoring.

11. Love painting, cooking, making jewelry, Facebook, bookkeeping? Teach a class. Reach out and share what you enjoy and love by teaching others. Share your passions.

12. Submit a course proposal to your local community college and teach a continuing education class, or adult education course.

13. Organize, market, and teach a teleclass or workshop.

14. Always grow too many vegetables? Set up a garden / farmer stand and sell the extra fruits and vegetable from your garden.

15. Love to garden? Offer to plant, weed, and care for gardens for others who may want fresh vegetables, but may not have the time or inclination to garden.

16. Like working outdoors? Mow lawns. Rake leaves. Shovel snow.

17. Childcare - part-time, full-time, night-time, day-time, weekends. Everyone needs a little help now and again with the kids.

18. Yard sales and garage sales are a great way to clear your clutter and make a little extra money, too.

19. Pet-sitting. If you love animals, taking care of someone's family pet(s) while they are away or on vacation may be just the thing to make a little extra cash.

20. Do you enjoy painting BIG? Are you good at it? How about holiday window painting for small businesses or mural painting.

21. Have your own art show and open house. Show and sell your paintings, crafts, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, etc. (You can also partner with other local artists.)

22. "I would sell old gold jewelry I do not wear anymore to jewelry stores that buy it." ~ Michelle, Facebook

23. Set-up your own Etsy store to sell your art online.

24. Lead a fitness group, walking club, running club, yoga club, etc. Act as a trainer and accountability partner.

25. Holiday and house decorating. If you have a flair for decorating and love making your home beautiful you may be able to sell your services and help others to do the same.

26. Pet portraits. Combine your love of photography and animals into a specialty niche and offer pet portraits. You can travel to people's homes or partner with a local pet shop.

27. Santa for rent. Think you can pull off playing St. Nick? Offer your services as a Santa for rent for photographs, parties, etc.

28. Dance instruction. Teach dance to children or adults.

29. Adult sports coach. Start a beginner, adult league for basketball, softball, soccer, etc. and teach adults who may have never had a chance to play as a kid, but want to now. (Most adult leagues are for people who already know how to play and may have been high school or college athletes and don't accept beginners very easily or at all.)

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