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Creating Wealth From Nothing

A lot of us these days may be struggling with money issues, or looking to make some money from home, or from something that you enjoy. Many of us have tried different things, only to find that it took more work than expected, and sometimes felt that you were back on the same hamster wheel that you already had with a full time job. Maybe you haven't tried yet, because you don't know exactly what it is that you want to do. Perfect!

Well, the truth is that money and success is a mindset just like anything else, and if you are not first prepared to make it happen, most likely it won't.

Just like anything else, jumping in too fast, not doing your research, or failing to have a proper foundation really can be starting out heading you in a downward instead of an upward direction.

I would like to suggest some simple steps that you can implement starting today, to start you on that road to independence and a life of financial freedom. These steps are simple, but please do not underestimate their simplicity. Although you may have thought of these techniques before and even tried them, I can assure you that if you take the time to really go through each one carefully, it will make a big difference in your road to wealth.

Step 1: Take the time to figure out your passions, and what it is that you REALLY want to do:

We are bombarded today with information, choices, and opportunities. From brick and mortar businesses like franchises, internet businesses like network marketing, eBay, eBook publishing, and service businesses such as doggie daycare, hair salons, house sitting, etc., it can be very confusing.

Don't make the mistake of just jumping in because it's the "hottest" new market, or because your friend is pleading with you to join her in selling vitamins.

Mindset tip number 1 is figuring out your passions. Make a list, despite how unobtainable it may feel to you to achieve at the time, of the things you used to, or currently still daydream about doing. Let go of the barriers and stop signs that keep coming up in your mind. Let go of "if I was younger, if I was wealthier, if I was taller, etc." The sky is the limit on this list and there is no walls surrounding these possibilities.

Step 2: Prioritize your list. Compare passion number 1 with passion number 2, and decide if you could only have one or another, which would it be? Now pick the one you chose, and do that with number 3, until you have your top 5.

Step 3: Bring it to life by focusing. You must focus on these passions. You may initially have a gut reaction that your top passions are over the top, unrealistic, out of reach. In the way you're currently thinking about them they may be, but not in reality. Let me explain:

The most important aspect of living your passions and making money from it, is not the action itself, but the "feeling", or "experience" you are seeking from that action.

For example, let's say you have a passion for children and your dream was to open a daycare, although you ended up working many years in a large corporation, and now you're 70 and feel that opening a daycare for children is unrealistic. You now need to ask yourself what was the feeling, or experience I was looking for wanting to do that? Maybe it was being around children because they kept you feeling young. Or maybe it was the feeling of making a difference in a child's life. Or maybe it was the accomplishment of opening your own business. Do you see how this can still be applied to another venture once figure out the exact experience you were looking to have?

This person could be a Nanny, be a tutor, start a babysitting co-op business in the neighborhood, really the ideas or endless. She would still be fulfilling those desires of working around children, making a difference, having her own business, etc. Hopefully this is beginning to make sense.

So now it's your turn to do this with your 5 top passions. Get into the felling and experience of what you desire. Either decide to go for the exact pursuit, or something close. This is an incredible place to start on your road to wealth from nothing!

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