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How to Invent a Product

Thomas Edison Drawing of Electric Motor
Thomas Edison Drawing of Electric Motor

Are you convinced you can create an incredibly popular life-changing product? Then don't wait! Take these simple steps to make your very own invention and get it out on the markets.

Coming Up With a Product Idea

The first step in coming up with a truly unique and useful product is to brainstorm ideas. Consider your area of expertise - what are you most interested in and know the most about? In order to invent something from start to finish, you will need to stay within your realm of knowledge. Otherwise, you may have a great idea but no understanding of how to implement it.

Try making a list of all the things that interest you. These could be hobbies, jobs, or products that you use on a regular basis. For each activity or item of interest to you, make a list of possible improvements that could be made in the form of an invention. This could include variations of the product or activity or useful add-ons.

Make a hefty list. It is better to have too many ideas than too few, so continue listing until you can think of absolutely nothing else to add. Keep a journal with you at all times, to constantly add new items to your possible-invention list. Keeping your ideas all organized in one place, a journal, will also help you to remain mentally clutter-free and allow you to review your ideas at a later date.

Don't rush the brainstorming process. Inspiration may not hit you like lightning, and could require a few weeks or months of listing ideas before your epiphany strikes.

Choose Your Best Idea

Thomas Edison Drawing of Telegraph
Thomas Edison Drawing of Telegraph

Once you've spent some time considering all possible options, choose your best idea for an invention. Now you'll have to spend time considering the details of the project. Draw a few sketches of what you imagine your invention will look like, and then consider some important questions.

What could you add to improve this product?
What about your invention is so special that people will feel compelled to bring it into their lives?
Why is your invention so great?
Think about changes that might need to be made. What parts of your invention are superfluous or unnecessary?
Is there any way to make it more efficient or cheaper to produce?

Consider all aspects of your invention including all the required parts, and important details about how it works or what it will do. Keep these answers and ideas in your journal so you can refer back to them.

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