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To Start a Business Shift Your Mind-Set from Consumer to Producer

In tough economic times, conventional jobs can be hard to find. A home-based business could be the answer for many people. Making Money from Home compares the cost of working outside the home with the benefits of working from home. It provides readers with the tools they need to run a successful home business, such as details on the foundations of a solid business, tips on marketing goods and services, legal issues to consider, and information on how to use the Internet effectively and how to create a business plan.


If you're going to become the wildly successful home-based business owner I know you can become, it is essential for you to get a new mind-set. Rather than viewing your home primarily as a place of relaxation and consumption, view it as a place of productivity. In other words ...

Home is a place to consume media in the form of radio and TV programs. But it could just as easily be a place where you create your own media (downloadable MP3s, YouTube videos, etc.) for others to consume.

Home is a place to consume food, but you could just as easily produce food for sale. I have a friend who markets her brothers salsa recipe.

Home is a place we consume books and magazine articles, but many people produce books and articles from home.

Home is a place we consume the Internet in vast quantities of time, but thousands are producing content designed to market their information or products via the Internet.

Home is a place we store our consumer goods, such as clothes and jewelry, but we could just as easily produce an eBay business to sell clothes and jewelry from home.

Home is a place we store junk, but we could just as easily sell our junk at yard sales and flea markets. When we run out, we buy other peoples junk and resell it at twice the price we paid. (Don't laugh. I know a woman who does exactly that and does so quite successfully.)

It's a very simple mind-set shift: from viewing home strictly as a place to consume what others have produced to viewing home as a place where you can produce products and⁄or information to market to others for their consumption.

Now you're thinking like an entrepreneur, and you'll begin to see opportunities everywhere.

Reader Summer Bragg says, "I love this book! It is a quick read and easy to understand. There is not much 'fluff' - she gets right to the point and covers topics in enough detail. She also provides soo many good resources, and warns of others to beware of. So much good information, and I know I will use the book over and over again as a reference to remind myself of her hints and tips. Great book - I definitely recommend this to any person who wants to build a home based business!" Click here for more information.

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