If you decide to pursue a home-based business, you must determine if your personal traits, skills, and abilities are appropriate for a home-based business. Carefully plan and consider the topics in this publication to help increase your chances of success.
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Home Business Jobs - Basic Start-Up Guide

Home-based businesses are becoming increasingly popular as more people are turning skills, hobbies, and ideas into profitable ventures. A home-based business allows for flexibility because it can work around family schedules. It also gives you the independence of being your own boss, which can be a satisfying experience.

A home business Jobs can take on a variety of definitions. For some people, it is little more than supplemental income. For others, it may be the major source of family income.

If you decide to pursue a home-based business, carefully plan and consider the topics in this publication to help increase your chances of success. In some cases, the information may prevent your making an unwise or costly decision.

Decision to Begin a Home-based Business

You must determine if your personal traits, skills, and abilities are appropriate for a home-based business. Self-discipline is important. Working for others means many responsibilities are shared with other employees. Being in business for yourself means you carry the whole load. Some people don't want the responsibility of licenses, regulations, taxes, insurance, record keeping, advertising, and pricing. Do you?

You may find a home business Jobs confining, stressful, and physically exhausting. On the other hand, being on your own can be stimulating, financially rewarding, and satisfying.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of a home-based business include: flexible schedule; integration of family and work responsibilities; less involvement with others in a regular work environment (power struggles and red tape); no commuting time (unless you travel to a customer's home or place of business); control of your own environment (temperature, light, work breaks); self-determination; and independence.

Disadvantages of a home-based business include: risk; isolation; loss of home space used by the family; interruptions; little opportunity to delegate tasks to others; legal requirements, and lack of freedom to do other things.

Other Factors To Consider

There are many issues to consider when you are thinking about starting a home-based business. A new business venture will significantly impact both you and your family. It is important to analyze carefully your reasons for starting a business and how the business will fit your family lifestyle. Begin by answering the following questions:

• Do you have a marketable skill or product to sell?
• Do you need the money?
• Are you a self-starter?
• Do you want to be your own boss?
• Do you have the self-discipline to maintain a work schedule at home?
• Do you want more flexibility in your work schedule?
• Can you take criticism and rejection?
• Can you switch from home responsibilities to work all under the same roof?
• Can you cope with the isolation of working from home?
• Have you discussed the business with your family?
• Is your family willing to support the business? To what level?
• Are you ready to treat your business as a business rather than as a hobby?
• Are you flexible when necessary?
• Do you have the money to cover a business start-up and initial operating costs?
• How will your customers/clients feel about your working from home?
• Is there adequate space in your home for your work?
• Are you ready for a challenge?

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