There are some relatively easy ways to earn money at home. As the internet grows and changes, more possibilities open up for anything from a few extra dollars a month to some serious money to be earned from your very own computer.
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Realistic Ways to Earn Money from Home

Many parents dream of earning money from home. It could be so that they could be a stay at home parent or it could be a much-needed supplement to the family income. In either case, an online search can quickly lead to disappointment, with all the scams, hard to land legitimate work at home jobs, and home business opportunities.

But there are some relatively easy ways to earn money at home. As the internet grows and changes, more possibilities open up for anything from a few extra dollars a month to some serious money to be earned from your very own computer.

One of the easiest is paid blogging. There are a few ways to do this, from signing on with companies that hire bloggers to write about topics they love to paid posting companies. It's a fair bit of work and can be time consuming to do a good job of it, but it can also be loads of fun.

With the paid posting option, one of the big tricks is to keep things honest and interesting to your readers. You're essentially writing ads, but if you do it well they won't be too obvious. The ideal is to keep with the flow of your blog. This can make it hard to find enough paid posts, but if your blog is a source of pride to you, it will probably be worthwhile.

One tactic to get around this is to start multiple blogs, each with a different focus. This will allow you to post on more topics, but will tremendously increase the number of times you can accept paid posts. If you do paid posting, make sure you do enough unpaid posts. Most companies want at least one post between paid posts. This ensures that your blog is more than just an ad.

Mystery shopping is another way to earn from home. In some cases you may even be able to bring the children along, which can be a real plus. This requires an eye for detail and a great memory.

Love photography? Try selling your photos online. It's a fun excuse to haul out your camera, drive around and take pictures. Just think, your vacation could be something that helps to build your income. Check out stock photo sites to find places to sell your photos.

What skills do you have? Virtual assistants are very popular right now, as are website designers, programmers and people who understand software. You can earn money by using these skills.

Obviously it will take some time to build a good client list, but it may not be as impossible as you think. If you want to be a virtual assistant, for example, don't just limit yourself to marketing online. Contact small businesses in your area and tell them what you have to offer. They may well be delighted to find help that they don't have to hire as an employee.

Sites such as eLance and Guru are excellent for those of you who want to offer services. It's a chance to build a portfolio and a customer list. Whatever you do, however, do not underprice yourself. You want to earn what you're worth. Yes, you may get fewer customers, but if you balance things correctly, you'll still earn more than if you price yourself too low.

As you can see, options abound. Your earning potential is much more up to you when you start a home business. If you need a little, you can probably do that. If you need to earn a lot, work harder and remember that overnight success is rare. But keep at it. No one builds a successful business by quitting.

Stephanie Foster blogs at about being a work at home mom. Visit her blog and join her forum for work at home parents to meet other work at home parents.

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