If you've been thinking about starting a business but aren't yet sure what you want to do, here are some ideas to get you started. These business ideas could work for those interested in starting a home business or part-time endeavor, or grown into full-time businesses.
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Ten Easy Businesses to Start Part-Time or Full-Time

If you've been thinking about starting a business but aren't yet sure what you want to do, here are some ideas to get you started. These business ideas could work for those interested in starting a home business or part-time endeavor, or grown into full-time businesses.

1. Freelance Writer – Freelance writers write articles for newspapers and magazines or copy for businesses. Most articles require research and must be well-written and suited to the style of the publication. Publications typically pay $.10 - $2.00 per word. Businesses also contract writers to create reports, press releases, advertising copy and other special projects.

2. Virtual Assistant – Virtual Assistants provide administrative services to small businesses that don’t have a staff to handle these duties. VAs can perform a variety of tasks for clients including contact database management, writing and sending business letters, designing brochures, and creating newsletters. VAs should advertise their services to Realtors and small business owners and can charge by the hour or by project.

3. Computer Tutor – Computer tutors teach students how to navigate the internet, access email, set up a new computer, and use programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Quickbooks. These services can be delivered one on one or in classes held at local adult learning campuses, retirement centers, and churches. Tutors can charge by the hour or a fee for class registration.

4. Pet Sitter – Pet sitters provide in-home pet care while pet owners are on vacation. Services offered typically include feeding and playing with the animals, yard or litter box cleanup, dog walking, and even plant watering, newspaper & mail gathering, and rotating lights. Pet sitters usually charge a fee per visit and charge extra to care for additional pets.

5. Landscaper – Landscaping services can range from lawn mowing, hedge trimming and weed maintenance to sprinkler installation and designing complete landscapes for homes and businesses. Landscapers usually charge by the job and offer weekly or bi-weekly maintenance services to clients.

6. Ebay Trading Assistant – Trading assistants provide a service to members of their community by acting as sales brokers on eBay. Trading assistants contract with clients to list items for sale, collect fees from buyers, ship the items and then take a percentage of the profits- usually between 30-50 percent. This is an excellent service to offer people who are not computer savvy yet have items they would like to sell online. EBay offers a directory where trading assistants can be listed for free.

7. Homemade Crafter – Crafters who create quality goods such as knitted items, wooden wares, ornaments, clothing, home dιcor, and even baked goods can sell their products for a profit. Crafts can be sold at flea markets, street fairs, trade shows, in-home parties, community events, or through a website.

8. Notary Service Provider – Notary service providers witness the signing of important documents such as real estate transactions, insurance, marriage and divorce papers, and letters. A state exam is required for certification. This service is in high demand with realtors and title companies and can be conducted from home, in restaurants or title company offices. Fees are usually charged as a flat rate per service.

9. Resume Designer – Resume designers help job seekers by crafting professional resumes and cover letters. Resumes can be created using special software or with templates and a word processing program. This service is in demand with college students and all kinds of job seekers. Fees range from $50 - $250 depending on the level of work involved.

10. Cleaning Service Provider – Cleaning service providers typically target homes and businesses. Service offerings include cleaning of windows, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, work areas, and offices. General cleaning supplies are needed and services can be billed by the hour or on a contract basis.

For more information on starting any of the small businesses listed here, be sure to visit the Industry Guides on BusinessInfoGuide.com.

Stephanie Chandler is the author of “The Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide: Seize Your Entrepreneurial Dreams!” and the founder of www.BusinessInfoGuide.com, a directory of free resources for entrepreneurs. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive hot small business tips and resources by sending an email to newsletter@BusinessInfoGuide.com.

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