Every week I receive email from would-be entrepreneurs, asking, "What kind of home business should I start?" This is a question that each person must answer for himself. There's no reason why you have to limityourself to someone else's prepackaged opportunity.
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Your Perfect Home Business May Be Right in Front of You!

Every week I receive email from would-be entrepreneurs, asking, "What kind of home business should I start?"

This is a question that each person must answer for himself. Although it seems like business opportunities are everywhere you look, there's no reason why you have to limit yourself to someone else's prepackaged opportunity.

Biz ops usually cater to a very limited set of interests -- nutritional supplements or Internet marketing are common examples. Instead of trying to force yourself to fit into one of these opportunities, why not consider starting and building a business of your own making?

Many successful entrepreneurs are running businesses based on their personal interests and experiences. You'll be surprised at how simple ideas can turn into profitable home businesses! For example, one lady in my neighborhood creates unique 3-dimensional bookmarks in the shape of various wildlife -- and she sells them to tourism stores in the nearby National Parks, among others.

Another example came from a local newspaper. A woman with a "knack" for picking out the "perfect" gift offers a shopping service: she'll go gift shopping for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions so that you don't have to endure the stress or the crowds. And she LOVES to shop!

There are many examples of people who turn their passions into businesses. For additional ideas, try the Secret Underground Business Plans, Projects and Ideas, available at: homebasedwork.com.

So how do you go about deciding on a business? Start by asking yourself several questions:

- What are your interests? What skills have you learned from your current job or your favorite hobbies? Do something you love... business doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a joy! If you're passionate about your business you'll work harder (and have fun while you're at it).

- Are you a "people-person" or someone who prefers less customer contact? There are people who adore talking to others and excel at it... these people are far more likely to do well with businesses that require lots of face-to-face customer contact than people who are uncomfortable dealing with strangers.

- What are your strengths and weaknesses? An honest assessment can help you decide which business ideas are realistic and which are fantasy. For instance, an excellent writer won't necessarily be a great proofreader, which requires a high attention to detail.

- How much time, money, and effort can you realistically devote to a business? Every business is different... some require more financial resources upfront, while others require very little. Likewise, with some businesses you may see a profit in very little time (ie. dog-walking or an errand service), while with others it make take a year or more.

Take a good look at your skills and your interests... Your perfect home business could be staring you right in the face. Imagine the possibilities!

Angela is the editor of the At Home Workers Express, a free newsletter for people seeking to start a work-at-home career. It offers a practical, hype-free, and informative articles on starting a home business or searching for telecommuting work. Pick up your free subscription today at homebasedwork.com/newsletter.html

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