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How SPXMAC Makes $40k+ Per Month on Fiverr

SPXMAC is one of the largest "providers" on the Fiverr platform. (Fiverr is an online marketplace for creative and digital services.) They presently provide copywriting services for people looking to promote on Amazon and eBay - giving them access to lucid copywriting experts who create compelling copy in perfect English (ready for the International market).

What caught my eye about SPXMAC was the fact that it's making upwards of $40k per month from the Fiverr platform. This is without counting any extra services they provide on the backend - typically ranging from the likes of consulting to cross-sold services.

I found out about this by reading the blog of its proprietor - Damian Prosalendis, who wrote DareAndConquer.com. The name sounds lame but has some interesting anecdotes about the world of entrepreneurship, and especially Fiverr.

It was through one of his Fiverr articles - the "Conquering Fiverr" book to be precise - that I found out about which account on the site was giving him so much success. His SPXMAC business is now said to be worth $500,000+ per year, and that number is growing in line with the platform itself.

I'm not one to invade people's privacy, so I won't go into any further details. I will, however, explain what I've deduced from the SPXMAC operation - from the eyes of a third party bystander.

This should give you a perspective on exactly how to make extra money on the Fiverr platform, and indeed with various Internet / Digital opportunities in general. It's often the case that the biggest hold-back is a perception of "what's possible". Seeing someone doing so well should give you the impetus to follow in their footsteps.

What We Know About SPXMAC

It's based in Greece and is operated by Prosalendis, who set it up in 2015 after he dropped out of college. Prosalendis is very active on Twitter, hence why people have been asking him about his Fiverr exploits.

He later stated that he hired a "general manager" who is now in charge of fulfilling the orders the company receives each day (typically 40+) - passing the work onto 16+ freelance contractors he hired to carry it out.

The company works just like any other business - the workers carry out the heavy-lifting, whilst the managers make sure that the buyers are absolutely happy with their purchases.

The company offers a "total satisfaction" guarantee, whereby they'll provide up to three revisions for any order that the buyer is unsatisfied with. The first revision will be an immediate fix; the second a total rewrite and the third a completely new order. This is meant to ensure that every customer gets a level of quality they actually feel pleased with.

To date, the company has over 7,000+ 5 star ratings on the site, with many more being added every day. This is an attest the quality of work they deliver (which seems great).

The most important thing to realize about this business is that it is very fast-paced and focused on getting people into profit. Rather than trying to coddle people with fanciful words, they focus exclusively on generating a return on investment, and have thus been able to charge a slightly higher price for their work.

This higher price has lead to their services being more highly regarded than the comparable sellers, essentially giving them precedent in the market.

How SPXMAC Makes Money

In terms of how the business actually generates money - it's down to one massive "gig" which is the perennial breadwinner... "Amazon Listing Copywriting".

This listing - to date - has over 5,000 "favourite" bookmarks, and is continually being purchased at the rate of 40+ orders a day. Considering the base level price for this listing is 40, and the top end is 80, you'll quickly see how profitable it can be.

What's especially interesting is the way in which the company continues to deliver exceptional quality, despite the massive influx of orders. Continued 5 star reviews allude to the way in which the copywriting provided by the company was "exactly" what they wanted - providing them with copy they felt complimented their ideas perfectly.

Whilst the service has 10+ other gigs, they pale in comparison to the Amazon Product Listing monster that's definitely their cash cow. If they've had over 5,000 orders of this listing alone, they'll have definitely made $750k+ over the past several years.

Now, in the interest of trying to create a compelling service - the business is thriving and Prosalendis has turned to social media to find more things to do.

Unfortunately, it would appear the meteoric success and fast money may have lead him down a somewhat nefarious path - but nonetheless is an inspiration to anyone looking to make serious money without a college education.

Richard Peck has 15+ yrs programming (VB/PHP/Ruby/C#), 5+ years graphic design. Provider of technical support solutions, our services help improve underlying digital infrastructure through the likes of 24/7 technical support, digital device optimization and brand marketing. If you need support, please contact support@frontlineutilities.co.uk.

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