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How to Start Your Own Cosmetics Line

So you really love the beauty industry. You also have an entrepreneurial kind of spirit. Combine these two passions, and you just might have a knack for starting your own cosmetics line!

Read the biographies of people who have started some of the most famous cosmetic lines, such as Helena Rubenstein, Estée Lauder and so forth.

Getting the Appropriate Knowledge

Understand how makeup works and what trends exist in makeup

Cosmetic products

If you really want to go into business selling cosmetics, you must be fully versed in the details of why and how makeup works. This goes well beyond just putting it onto your own face - it means truly understanding the chemistry behind makeup products, the methods for making the most of facial features and the ways in which cosmetics can be used to remedy specific problems, from dandruff to skin breakouts. Some methods for improving your deep knowledge include:

Learn which ingredients go into different types of cosmetics, such as lipstick, foundation, etc. Learn about alternative ingredient options (the greening of makeup is now big business). Get some knowledge in organic chemistry, perhaps even doing some coursework in chemistry.

Experiment at home

Cosmetic chemistry

Borrow and buy books on making your own cosmetics. This hands-on experimenting, coupled with the knowledge you are gaining, will help you to get a good feel for how ingredients work together and for the ability of these products to deliver the things you hope they will, from softer skin to brighter hair.

There are many good books on making cosmetics available in libraries and book stores. There are also lots of online suggestions but be careful about these; check that they are safe and don't automatically believe that they will achieve the end results you're after - you'll need to test that aspect for yourself.

Find volunteers to experiment your cosmetic products on. Ask friends if they would like to try your products. Let them know what the ingredients are, in case of allergies though. Let them opt out of using anything they don't want to use, it's their prerogative.

Try using more organic and natural ingredients. People have lately been trying to be as green as possible, and if your products are all-natural as well as appealing, people will be drawn to them!

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