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How To Start Your Own Taxi Business

Chauffeur driven car hire can be separated into several categories which are affected by specific variables. Identify the variables that you may have to take into consideration and apply your research results into the plan of your job.

Airport Transfer

1. Time critical - Normally the customer will state the time of pick-up but sometimes they will ask for your advice. Time of day and traffic volume, will be the variables. Allow time for unseen circumstances like traffic incidents and bad weather. Always allow more time than needed as it is better for the customer to arrive early than to suffer the stress and worry after suffering a delay that puts the arrival time and flight in jeopardy.

2. Luggage - Ensure that you vehicle's boot capacity is big enough. Confirm this with the customer at the quote stage.

3. Airport destination - Some airports are easily accessible while others, like London City Airport, demand a route through London or via the Dartford Tunnel. This will increase the journey time.

4. Car parking - Some airports (Bournemouth) charge for entering the airport grounds, even to just drop-off. Others charge to pick-up (Luton). Consider adding to your quote for parking as collecting your passenger will incur extra time as well as the parking fee.

5. Meet and Greet - A well presented board that also includes your company name is all part of the professional business image. Displaying your board at Arrivals will not only attracts your client's attention but also many of the other passing potential customers who will be trying to find their driver. It's free advertising which adjacent drivers will also notice.

6. Exchange mobile contact numbers - For a collection at Arrivals it is reassuring and good practise to text your customer to let them know you are prepared to receive them. If there is a delay, on either side, contact can be made so that the other party is updated for any change.

7. Receiving your customer at Arrivals - Be welcoming and friendly and offer to take their bags. They may have had a long and tiring flight and will appreciate your assistance.

8. Bottled water - Often passengers are thirsty due to aircraft recycled air. Provide chilled bottled water that can be kept in a cool bag and within easy access in the car.

9. Provisions - The little things go a long way. Arriving home with no provisions is another chore before they can relax. Offer to stop at the local shop so they can pick up some milk and bread etc. This will be greatly appreciated even if your offer is declined.

10. Luggage - Upon arriving at their home carry their bags to the doorstep. It is a part of the service which most people expect.

Executive Travel

1. Business or pleasure - Business.corporate clients use executive standard travel for a variety of purposes that also include entertaining and social engagements. You may take a customer to a business meeting or to the airport but it could be to Twickenham to watch England v Australia. Therefore, depending upon the purpose, it may be time critical.

2. Conversation and confidentiality - Conversation will include business matters in addition to general conversation. Be aware that business conversation will be confidential while general conversation may include you. Judge when you should contribute and when you should be inconspicuous. It will be very rare to comment upon a conversation that you have overheard on the phone especially if business related. By all means respond if prompted but never instigate an exchange.

3. Corporate image - Consider yourself and your vehicle as an extension and representative of your business passenger. The standard of service and vehicle projects an image to others that promotes professionalism and efficiency. Arriving late and in a dirty car conveys the opposite.

Wedding Car Hire

1. Time critical - "Get me to the church on time" goes the song. You may only be asked to take the bride and bride's father to the wedding venue but you may also have several trips before the final journey. Normally several trips are OK if the wedding venue is nearby. Be aware of issues on the day. For example Southampton Registry Office is near the docks and adjacent to the main shopping complex.

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