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Start a Cat Day Care Business

Start a cat day care

Summer is here and you might find yourself thinking to yourself that making any change to your cattery is insane. Your facility is at maximum capacity every day, and you've got to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Fortunately, large changes aren't necessary to ensure that you keep up the busy holiday momentum throughout the year. You might be surprised to learn that by making small changes to the way that you market your cat business you can attract more clients and increase your revenue.

When prospective clients search for catteries, they often choose the one that has great amenities and that makes a positive first impression. So, the easiest way to make sure that your facility is seen in the best light is to optimize your website and social media. Your best cattery already exists... so let's talk about how to market it to attract more customers and increase your revenue.

Clarity is Essential

Your cattery can benefit immensely from examining the wording on your website and other social media platforms to ensure that it conveys the right message. You want to make sure that your wording is clear and easy to understand. This can be achieved fairly easily by simply altering/changing some of the wording on your site. Go through your website objectively, pretending to be a new customer (or even enlist a friend to do this) and look for wording that might be unclear. The tone of your website should be fun and professional, but make sure that your wording is clear when it comes to your policies.

Do you have a cancellation fee, require certain vaccines, or request that owners keep personal items at home? Be firm with your wording to reduce the risk of it being interpreted the wrong way. A great example would be: "We ask that all personal belongings remain at home," as opposed to "Personal items should be left at home." What's the difference? Saying "we ask" conveys a firm stance on the issue, where "should" implies that leaving personal items at home is recommended but optional. Being straightforward with your wording sends the message that your business is honest, which is a great first impression to give!

Photos Speak Volumes

Your website, Facebook page, and Instagram account are some tools that you can use to help your cattery create a great first impression, as they are often a customer's first interaction with your business. The first step is to make sure that you have an easily identifiable logo that allows your clients to differentiate your cattery from others in the local area. This reduces the chances that your business will be confused with others offering similar services. Odds are that your website already has photos of your facility, but choosing the right photos based on the things that people search for in a cattery is key to gaining more customers. Some types of photos to include:

Your clean and spacious cat accommodations
The ample space between your cat kennels, or the sneeze-proof partition that prevents cats from sharing sicknesses
The toys and scratching posts that you provide for entertainment
The area that you clean/sanitize the items that the cats come in contact with
Any outdoor access areas or viewing areas where the cats can sit and enjoy some outdoor stimulation
Security features that you have such as fences, double gates, a fenced in "security area" to prevent cats escaping during feedings or cleanings, etc.
Any exciting features that make your facility different from the competition
Cats receiving one-on-one attention and having fun

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