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How to Get Paid For Fishing

To many, fishing is more than a hobby - it is a lifelong passion. The early morning drive to the lake, the quiet hours on the boat, the long and lazy afternoons of waiting for a bite. Fishing is a favorite pastime of not only men, but many women and children as well. Some take it very seriously and devote as much time as possible to the sport, while others may be too busy to get out there as often as they would like. Maybe you dream about spending your days out on the water, your fishing pole in hand, without worrying about rushing back to shore in time to get to your regular 9 to 5.

If you've often wished you could leave the grind and trade it in for a leisurely life full of doing what you love, there may be a way to do so. The obvious route is to pursue a career in angling or with a large fishing outfit. Unfortunately, unless you live in geographic areas where this is possible, it may be difficult to achieve. There are, however, some ways in which you can earn money for fishing. Whether you leave your day job or simply make money on the side with your favorite hobby, consider these ideas for getting paid to do what you love.

Write About Your Experiences

One of the most common ways to earn money for fishing is to create content, in the form of articles or stories, about your experiences while fishing. Writing about fishing can be in the form of travel journaling, instructional (how-to) pieces, or many other types of stories. One would think that writing about fishing is something that's difficult to break into. The fact is, demand for content related to fishing is greater than the existing supply of writers is able to meet.

If you decide you want to get paid for fishing by writing about your experiences, there are many different opportunities available. You can develop your own Web site and self-publish your articles and stories, then sell space to advertisers who will gladly pay you. You can also sell articles to other Web sites, content development companies or even magazines and journals. Make sure to brush up on your writing skills and pay close attention to grammar, punctuation and style.

Train Others To Do What You Love

If writing is not really your thing, but you have a knack for teaching, you could package and market a fishing training service. Imagine taking a group of two or three eager students out on your own boat and training them with your own equipment for a handsome fee. Many men and women would love to take up fishing as a hobby but simply don't know how or where to start. Beginning your own fishing school could be as simple as placing an ad in your local newspaper or online. You can also create fliers about your service and post them in places where potential new fishers would see them. Keep in mind that to be successful in this type of undertaking, you must have excellent communication skills and a lot of patience.

Organize and Lead Fishing Outings

Yet another way to get paid for fishing requires a bit more coordination and planning on your part. Consider packaging and marketing touristic fishing expeditions. You can do this with your own fishing boat or by renting a fishing boat and working the cost in to the fee each individual will pay to participate in the trip. You can add services such as lessons, meals and drinks, and visiting points of interest.

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