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How to Start a Food Truck

No, you cannot be whatever you want although so many of us were told at a very young age - If you can dream it you can achieve it! But as we age we realize it's not true. Only a select few will become a famous movie star, play in the NFL or become the President. And as we age most of us realize that all we really want is to live comfortably, to be self-sufficient, to occasionally enjoy some of the finer things in life and to be happy with our family and friends.

Most of us aren't millionaires and we don't need to be millionaires to be happy. Most of us would be thrilled making $7 to $10k a month. This type of income is a far cry from millionaire status but it would allow us to live far above the majority. It would allow for a nice home, car, clothes, furniture and vacations.

So how do you get there? What profession has the true potential to make that kind of income and doesn't require a college or even a high school degree, it doesn't require excellent health, it doesn't require prior experience and you can be your own boss?

Welcome to Street Food and starting your own food truck.

Anyone can do this successfully. Luck isn't required to be successful. You can start out with a hotdog cart, you can learn the business and you can make anywhere from $40k to $100k a year. There is no secret menu or specific skill required. You only need the right location, the right menu and the right pricing. You'll achieve the income and independence that you want. It is doable and being done every single day

If you are inspired then take the next steps. Read some books, keep Googling, search YouTube and start plotting your path. As a child you probably didn't aspire to become a food trucker but you're not a child anymore and this is an excellent way to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow

Being your own boss will require a lot of dedication and self-control. You have to make yourself get off the couch and go earn your living. No one is going to push you off your comfortable couch and make you do this. You will be the CEO and CFO of your company. You will be responsible for every dime spent and earned. The buck stops at you. Ultimately some of these things can be delegated out, but all of this will require your responsibility and management for success. Like any job there will be lots of hard work

Cons of Food Trucking

This is work, it is hard work and long hours.
Obtaining permits
Learning and following the city and state regulations
Obtaining licensing, insurance, and a commissary
Inventory and prep work
The daily clean up
Working around extreme weather or finding sheltered areas

Pros of Food Trucking

Money! And lots of it. Whether you want a couple hundred dollars a week, a couple hundred a day or a couple hundred a hour... these are all obtainable figures in mobile concessions
Freedom! You make your own hours. Work 1 day a week or work 7 days a week. Take a 2 week vacation whenever you want. It's up to you. You are the boss. This can also be dangerous. So if you aren't motivated, this is not for you. You'll end up with an expensive dust collector in your garage
You can start with little to no money
No nagging boss's or corporate structure

So should you do this?

First it can be very financially rewarding and anyone can do this. There is a reason some NYC vendors will pay the city over $200k annually to operate their Hot Dog cart in a prime location. There is a reason there are over 2,000 mobile food vendors in NYC alone. There is serious money to be made in this industry. Where ever there is foot traffic there are profits.

This isn't a business venture banking on a little luck for success. The business simply works! And it works for everyone. Anyone putting in effort and motivation can secure a location that will profit hundreds or thousands every week.

If you are a chef, entrepreneur, unemployed, wanting a supplemental income, want a career change, retired or just bored and love to cook/serve people, then this growing niche could be your calling! This is one of the easiest ways to start your own business and start seeing real profits from day one.

Remember this is work. You will need permits, you will need to know state and city regulations, licensing, taxes, insurance, a commissary, inventory, prep work and the dreaded clean up every day - you will need to do your research. Don't panic. All this information is easily obtainable and can be found with simple Google searches.

So the one main question you're probably asking - what kind of money can I make? And the answer is - it just depends. What are you selling? How much foot traffic does your location get? How much do you plan to work?

If you are going full time, have good locations and if you are really working hard you can expect at least $40k in your first year. As you become established and develop more regulars your profits can drastically increase. There are vendors making six figures

Tips and information for starting a food truck. More information can be found at Food Truck Resource

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