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Playing Guitar For Fun and Profit

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of those guitar scales and guitar chords that you've been working so hard to master? The answer is simple. Turn your experience into income. In short, play the guitar for money. That's right, turn your hard work into good old fashioned dollars. Think of it this way, if you don't, someone else will.

The professional guitarist already knows how to make a good living by playing the guitar. Further, most top-end guitar players spent years and years playing local clubs and showcase houses before progressing on to higher paying Gigs. However, it's encouraging to know that, even the best had to pay their dues in the early years. Therefore, this article is dedicated to the guitarist who is attempting to find his⁄her way on the path to musical success. Generally, this is the intermediate player.

Right now, throughout the entire world, and in every city and in every country, there are thousands and thousands of guitarists wondering what to do with their developing talent. They've practiced some guitar chords, guitar scales, and have, most likely, learned a few songs on the guitar. In some cases, many have studied some music theory. These guitarists are ready to progress. But, to where and how? These questions, for many guitarists, are haunting until resolved.

Learning to play the guitar is difficult enough for many, let alone, reaching a good level of mechanical proficiency and then being confused as to what to do next. This confusion has shelved the careers of many potential guitarists. However, these days, there should be less confusion due to the vast amount of educational material available on the internet, etc. There is plenty of education to go around for everyone.

It's important to remember that playing the guitar should always be fun. Learning a new guitar chord should always be fun. In fact, everything that one does with the guitar should be fun (except breaking it). What then, is the answer to progressing into a paying situation as an intermediate guitarist? Let's examine some possibilities.

First, consider what type of playing scenario you desire. Are you a solo act? Do you prefer playing in a Duo? A Trio? Do you desire to be part of a full-blown band? Your decision is imparative in order to move forward in a timely manner. Remember, we're attempting to prepare for an income situation, not a friendly neighborhood jam. Therefore, how do you picture yourself as a working guitarist? Once you've answered this question, the rest is actually quite simple. Surround yourself with only those musicians that are of like-mind. In other words, associate and build your band or act around those who desire to make an income.

There are literally thousands of paying Gigs out there. One just needs to dig in and find them. Have a demo made of your band or yourself as a guitarist before you start searching. A good promotional package goes a long, long way. Don't leave home without one if you expect to have anyone take you seriously.

The truth of the matter is that, while there are thousands of guitar players (and musicians) that are capable of playing the guitar for their income, few will actually take the steps necessary to make it happen. Why? Lack of motivation is probably very high on the list of answers. Further, many just don't know how to get started. This is great news for those who are truly motivated to earn an income playing the guitar.

Potential paying Gigs include dance clubs, weddings, festivals, community events, church events, beach parties, commercial events, city sponsored events, fashion shows, high school dances, college dances, and many, many more. Networking is essential.

For the intermediate guitarist, there is a whole world waiting for you, that could prove quite prosperous. After all, why spend hundreds of hours learning guitar chords, guitar scales, songs, and music theory if you're not planning on actually making a living playing the guitar? Of course, the exception is the guitarist that is perfectly content playing simple songs around the campfire. This is great fun, and for some, this is as far as it goes. Once again, this is fine.

Looking back, I can honestly tell you that all of those years that I spent playing clubs throughout the United States and abroad, really paid off. Those years were preparation for larger stages, bigger venues, and larger audiences. Those years were the fun years, and very profitable. The trick is to plan your work and work your plan. Not everyone can do that. Once again, this is good news for you.

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