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How to Start Your Own Handyman Service Business

You can start your own handyman service business and work for yourself, and work when and where you want to work. If you're an average, or above average "do it yourself" type of person, when it comes to working on homes. If you have the basic knowledge of understanding how plumbing, electricity, construction, landscaping, roofing and general homes repairs are supposed to be done, then you can start your own handyman service business. If you're the "Do It Yourself" type individual, you might like being in business being a handyman.

Even if you don't know the basics about simple home repairs, like changing a toilet, water heater, sink, or faucet. Or, just replacing a bad sprinkler head, or underground water line break, or a home that is in need of a paint job, or just an old front porch that needs to be fixed back up to new.

You can learn lots of things quickly, if you go to any home improvement store, book store, or local library and read some of their "how to books". You can find so many things on how to fix stuff around the house. Most fix it yourself type jobs, are standard procedure, when it comes to fixing them with directions from a book. Each job will be a little bit different, and you surely don't want the customer to see you reading a book, that would be embarrassing!

For example: If you replace a broken water heater in one house, you can do another house just about the same. It will be pretty much the same, but not exactly the same, but after you do it once, you should have a knack for it. If you have the basic knowledge, for understanding how a water heater works, and where the water lines should be hooked up to, and if it's either, gas or electric, and you can hook the water heater up with no problems, I'm sure you can do almost any hot water heater replacement job.

As a handyman, you don't need to be an expert in everything. For example: you might know how to change a light fixture, and run new outlets to a new place you want to be able to plug in electricity, but you might want to leave the more complicated stuff, like circuit breakers and other dangerous jobs, to the electrician experts. As long as you are honest with all home owners, when they show you something that needs to be fixed, you can be honest and let them know if you can do it, or if you can't. You are a handyman, that means you can tackle most all, regular jobs that need to be done. You don't have to be an expert in everything, and rebuild them a new house from scratch either, to succeed.

Lots of homeowners are just too busy, or don't know how to do basic home repairs themselves. Most people call someone to come and fix something when it breaks, and they just want it fixed so they can get back to their lives. You can offer your services to many customers. You can make up a flier, and put it in places where people 55 and over usually live and socialize, they are good candidates for home repairs, and handyman service. You should be fair in your pricing, do not take advantage of older people. When you find a complex, like a mobile home park for example, that requires everyone to be 55 or over to live there. In California, there are all kinds of places you have to be 55 or older to live there, mobile home parks, and more.

If you start working in one of those types of places where mostly senior citizens are, and do a good job for them, at a competitive price, you can get a lot of jobs and make everyone happy. Most of these senior citizens have already retired, and they are home most of the day. They take walks threw their neighborhoods, and when they see a truck working on something, they usually stop and notice it, because they are not in a hurry any more, and they have the time to talk and chat.

If you're around, they will walk over up to you usually and say hi, and talk to you. Later, they will ask you to fix something for them, since they have seen you around already and have spoken to you also already. So be really good with older folks, and you could turn your handyman business into a nice living. You should also have nice signs on your vehicle to get extra jobs. You can advertise in small newspapers, and make up some fliers and put them all over neighborhoods.

To get business quickly, you can make up your flier, put it inside small clear sandwich baggies, include a few stones or pebble for weight, and include your flier. You can drive around the neighborhoods you would like to work in, and slowly drive around and toss each flier into all the driveways as you drive around slowly. You will get calls quickly for work, when you do this system.

Vince Stead has 13 books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Please take a look at his website Vince Stead for all his work, thank you very much!

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