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Three Home-Based Repair Businesses You Can Start

In today's tough economy, people are trying to stretch every dollar as far as they can. One way they do so is by repairing the things they own rather than shell out big bucks to buy new. And, the business owner who serves this market may find themselves less concerned about the economy and more concerned with all the work they have.

A great repair business idea you might want to consider is appliance repair. Many people are either unable, or unwilling, to buy new appliances as often as they might have in the past and, instead, are making the ones they have last longer. Appliance repair businesses report that business has never been better and you can enjoy this same level of success if you start your own.

Depending on your particular market, you may decide to specialize in particular appliances such as washers and dryers, or just refrigerators, or you may be skilled enough to offer to fix anything. You should consider your skills and interests as well as your market when deciding what services to offer.

Another repair business you might give some thought to is a bicycle repair business. You could start this business part-time from your home and move to a shop if and when you decide to work at it full-time. Offer your services to local bike shops and get involved with local and regional bike races and events to bring in customers. You will also want to have a website letting people know how to find you, what services you offer, and what you charge.

A third repair business to consider is computer repair. Practically every home in the country has a computer but few know how to fix it if something should go wrong. This is a great example of how you can benefit from people trying to keep their computer running as long as possible before having to buy new. Much of your business will be updating software or adding hardware rather than making repairs.

Aldar Nagy is the author of The Business Startup Resource, which offers new business profiles, ideas, advice, and other resources to help you when you are starting your own business. The Business Startup Resource can be found at: [http://www.businessstartupresource.com] (webmaster message: this appears to be a dead link.)

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