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Three Home Based Manufacturing Businesses You Can Start

Maybe you have dreamed of using that extra space in your garage or basement to make some money on the side. Perhaps you think you may just be able to turn it into a full-time income if only you can find the right idea. Here are three of these ideas you can consider to turn that unused space into additional income.

The first business idea to consider is specialty candle making. What we are talking about here is more than just the boring old candles you can buy in every store you go into. These candles are more like works of art. They are sculpted and layered and highly desired. There is a certain level of skill involved in designing and making these but if you have the desire, you can learn how. Look to local community colleges for training courses and your public library and local or online bookstores for other learning resources.

Another home-based business you might consider ist-shirt design and production. Witha few thousand dollars investment for equipment and supplies, you can turn out unique and original designs people will love. You can sell your creations online or through local stores.

Another home-based manufacturing business that could work for you is designing and making ceramic tiles. What you offer is only limited by your imagination. For example, you could offer kitchen tiles that have raised impressions of fruits and vegetables the buyer could mix in with the other tiles in their kitchen.

You could also offer tile kits that are meant to be installed together and that make up an entire scene such as a still-life with various types of foods or flowers or anything else you decide on. Offer your creations to local tile and building supply stores, and directly to interior designers.

If you decide to work with ceramics, keep in mind there are cautions you need to take such as working in a well-ventilated space because the dust can be harmful, and if you fire your designs in your own kiln, you are working with very high temperatures.

Aldar Nagy is the author of The Business Startup Resource, which offers new business profiles, ideas, advice, and other resources to help you when you are starting your own business. The Business Startup Resource can be found at: [http://www.businessstartupresource.com] (webmaster message: this appears to be a dead link.)

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