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Become a Pet Service Provider for Fun and Profit

A pet service business costs almost nothing to start, operate, and advertise. If you offer additional creative services, you can increase your income while you eliminate your competition. Taking extra time to learn about different types of pets will make your business more successful, and make you even more valuable to your clients. If you love animals, this will be a very rewarding and fun business to be in.

This business can provide you with a good income. You can charge $10-to-$30 an hour for your pet services. You also have the option of offering your clients weekly or monthly rates. Offering these lengthier packages helps your clients save money, and allows you to secure future income. Different pet services you provide will vary in prices you charge; they are all worth your time. You can increase your prices for new clients as you gain more experience, and a longer client list. People gladly pay more for service providers that are in demand, and are experienced in their field of work.

You will benefit by offering both standard and creative pet services. You should offer standard dog walking, pet sitting, and pet feeding services, but don't stop there. You can offer pet medication administering service. Obviously, you will need to get detailed instructions from the owner, or directly from the owner's veterinarian. You can also offer to rollerblade with their dog, so that he can run full-bore for a while. Most pet owners are incapable of running their dogs at full speed, and know that there little buddies need it.

A lot of pet owners cannot bend over to pick up their dogs droppings, their cats litter box, or cannot clean their pet's cage; you can offer this cleaning to the services you provide. Offer basic obedience train for dogs as part of your service. You can train your canine clients on basic commands such as sit, stay, laydown. These are simple repetitive commands that most dogs will begin to obey once you have gained their trust and respect. Many owners who lack physical strength may want to hire you to properly leash train their dogs. There are a multitude of beneficial services that you can offer to your future clients to enhance your value and profit.

Increase your value to your customers by knowing their pet better than your competition does. Your reputation, your referral business, and your income will be enhanced as your knowledge grows. Pet owners are willing to pay more for expert pet service providers. Use the internet to learn about the individual needs, tendencies, pluses, and minuses of different breeds of dog and cats.

Begin studying the primary breeds of dogs and cats, and then get to the more unique breeds. Next, you can begin studying the care needs of unique pets such as small mammals (hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, ect.), birds, reptiles, and other pets. Show off your knowledge when you are conversing with your clients. They will be impressed, and will be quick to refer you to their friends. Pet owners are extremely interested in their pets, and they want to think that you are as well.

As a pet service provider, you set your work schedule and hours. Granted, you will earn more if you work more, but the choice is yours to make. You can easily work as a pet service provider, while keeping up with your personal responsibilities. Regardless if you are a student, a stay-at-home mom, starting this business part-time, or have nothing but time on your hands, your schedule is of your own choosing. It is a good idea to write out your work schedule a few weeks in advance, so that you can communicate your upcoming availability to your perspective clients. You should be realistic in your scheduling; don't set a goal of earning maximum income, but working minimal hours.

As long as you love animals, you will have a lot of fun as a pet service provider. Don't start this business if you don't love animals. Animals are much smarter than most people give them credit for. If you don't like being around an animal, then he probably doesn't like being around you either. A person who does not like animals will have a tough time in the pet service provider industry. Animals have minimal options available to them to get away from a person that they don't like; a person in this scenario would likely be bitten, clawed, or attacked a lot more often than someone who loves animals.

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