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Should You Start a Cake Decorating Business or Cupcake Business?

If you love cake decorating, imagine getting paid to do what you love! You can when you start your own cake decorating business.

Jennifer James, author of the FabJob Guide to Become a Cake Decorator, says there are many benefits when you become a professional cake decorator and start a cake decorating business (also known as a cake design business) or cupcake business.

"There's never been a better time to start up a cake decorating business," says Jennifer. "With the low-carb craze over with, there has been a return to the idea of eating for pleasure, ushered in largely by the popular book French Women Don't Get Fat. Single servings and the personal touch are in - cupcakes are very popular right now, as are gourmet mini-cakes." Here is Jennifer's advice about the cake design business and why it's a great time to start a cake decorating business or cupcake business:

Professional cake decorators tap into the fact that people love to feel special, and are always looking for something new and unique. Clients who are tired of the supermarket's tired-old sheet cake with a cartoon character are looking for handmade, out-of-the ordinary cakes that truly reflect the theme of the celebration... and when they do, they'll come to you.

Cakes are getting more creative all the time, and the only limitation is your imagination. Three-dimensional designs are in vogue right now, resulting in cakes that look like pillows, animals, handbags, or whatever you can dream up. Contemporary cake towers rising up many feet in the air and can lean every which way, stabilized by mysterious forces known only to the cake decorator (that is, you!)

And it doesn't stop there. How about a cake + cupcake combo, with each cupcake sporting a unique design, or personalized for each guest? Floral toppers or edible pearls just might complete an elegant look perfectly. The finishing materials (glazes and dusting powders) available on today's market let you give your cake and decorations a look that is so real, your clients will hardly believe they are made of sugar.

Not only are people looking for custom, creative cakes, they are willing to pay for them too. The average amount spent on a wedding has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, and the average cost of wedding cake is $543, according to the Bridal Association of America. Prices of artisan cakes for special occasions range from $3 to $10 or even more per slice, depending on the complexity of the design.

If you're wondering if cake decorating is the right business for you, here are some benefits of this career according to Jennifer:

Be Creative

If you want to work with your hands and experience with all five senses, cake decorating is the career for you, from smelling the yummy baking, to tasting new flavors of icing or filling, to piping delicate beads or roses on your cakes and cupcakes. No wonder many cake decorators call themselves sugar artists!

Be Your Own Boss

No more taking orders from anyone else - other than your many customers, of course! When you run your own cake decorating business, you make the decisions. You can choose to specialize in anything from wedding cakes, to children's birthday cakes, to cupcakes, to cakes shaped like fantasy castles... whatever you most enjoy. As boss of your own cake decorating, you decide your policies, your prices, and when you're going to take those well-deserved days off.

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