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How to Start an Event Planning Business

Through the communication benefits, networking opportunities, and educational components of regular corporate events and conventions, it becomes quite evident that businesses and organizations rely on their regular events. Hosting and attending meetings and conventions is ingrained in our culture. It's just the way we do things.

So, how can you benefit from this as an event planner?

It's very evident that a great deal of organized planning must go into each and every event-no matter if it's large or even just a gathering of a few. The opportunity today is prime for those thinking about starting their own event planning businesses.

Consider the facts for a minute:

Even in today's constricted economy, businesses and other organizations are still holding just as many meetings and conventions. The scale might be slightly toned-down, but the events are still taking place.

So many conventions, dinners, banquets, and other events revolve around profits. There should be little surprise in the fact that businesses continue to host events of all scale for this very reason. Conventions make them money, hosting that dinner for clients increases customer loyalty-regardless of the concept, so often it's a profitable arrangement for those holding the event. They want to get it right and need someone to make it happen without a hitch!

As so many corporations and organizations have downsized their roster of employees-and very often those in charge of organizing and planning events-they are now obliged to outsource their event planning needs.

If you happen to be a recent victim of the layoffs or downsizing mentioned above, it's definitely worth considering all of the options available to you now. Things might seem discouraging at the present moment, but for those thinking about starting a small business-like an event planning business, for example-the time is actually pretty good to do so. After all, some of the most successful businesses of recent times have been launched during economic downturns.

How do you actually start an event planning business?

If you're the go-getter type-someone who is organized with great people skills-then launching a new event planning career could very well be right up your alley. The other really bright side of the road here is that there are practically no start up costs involved with starting an event planning business. As long as you have a phone, computer, transportation, and plenty of ambitious spirit, the barriers to entry are slim to none.

Where to begin? First and foremost, you'll need to learn the ropes about starting a business in your unique locality. Spend a weekend at the local library or bookstore doing a little background research on the requirements. Order some basic business cards online. Pick up an accounting ledger from your local office supply store. Just remember, keep it simple; it definitely doesn't have to be complicated.

There's no need to spend a fortune on fancy business software or make any other high ticket business expenditures right away. This is because the more time and energy you spend on actually making the phone calls, following up with leads, and actually making sales for your new event planning service, the less need you'll find for all of the extra stuff that just eats up your budget and time.

All you really need to drive a successful event planning business right now is yourself and the bare essentials. The extras (like expensive event planning software) can definitely come later after you've landed a few deals and covered a few inaugural events. You'll certainly appreciate having waited until you've had the opportunity to hash out exactly what you'll need.

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