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How to Start and Run a Successful Auto Detailing Business

How to Start and Run a Successful Auto Detailing Business

This book will be very helpful for anyone thinking about opening their own auto detail shop. There are also great ideas and information for people who already have a shop and are looking for ways to improve profitability. From out-sourcing and up-selling to step-by-step detailing systems, this book covers it all.

Step-by-Step Business Operating Instructions:

Estimating Start-up Costs
Choosing a Location
Advertising and Marketing
Choosing Equipment, Tools and Products
Shop Layout and Organization
Customer Service and Pricing
Increasing Profitability Through Out-sourcing and Up-selling

Step-by-Step Auto Detailing Instructions:

Step-by-Step Exterior Detailing System
Step-by-Step Interior Detailing System
Engine Compartment Detailing
Using a High Speed Buffer
Wash and Wax
New Car Protection Package
Cleaning and Protecting Convertible Tops
Cleaning Plastic Rear Windows
Wet Sanding
Water Spot Removal

If you're the type that dosen't want to sit for hours at an office job, if you want the pride and satisfaction of being a craftman and owning your own profitable business, then starting an Auto Detailing Business could be your road to success. Click here for more information.

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