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Make Money Designing and Selling Baby Clothes

Starting a home-based baby clothes and design and production business is now more attainable than ever. The widespread availability of wholesale children's clothes, low-cost design software and affordable garment printing solutions have made a home-based children's clothing business a reality for many.

Affordable Wholesale Baby Clothes

It used to be that a wholesale children's clothing was only available in huge lots. That is, the buyer had to purchase tens of thousands of dollars of garments, often in the same size and color in order to get wholesale pricing. The orders had to be made months in advance, as the factories were always in Southeast Asia or India. Shipping, customs, import taxes and variable quality meant that the business of selling unique, imprinted children's cloths was limited to large companies with the resources to deal with the complexities of clothing imports.

Nowadays, there are online wholesale children's clothes distributors who are willing to sell small lots of baby clothes at near wholesale prices. This has opened up the market for wholesale baby clothes to small and medium-sized clothing designers to obtain reasonable prices on garments.

Low-Cost Design Software

Graphic design, once the domain of a few highly-skilled workers, can now be done by anyone with a decent computer and some basic design software. A mid-level desktop computer and a software suite that allows one to create designs. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are two good choices for producing graphic designs suitable for imprinting on children's clothing. There are less expensive programs that are also suitable.

Affordable Children's Clothing Printing

There are several off-the-shelf solutions available for imprinting children's clothing.

One method is silk screening. This the process that using screens that allow for a image to be imprinted on a garment as ink is pressed through the screen. Silk screen garments can be made in a wide variety of colors and designs. A silk screening setup takes a bit of space and equipment, but the total startup costs can be lessened by buying used equipment or silk screening equipment designed for shorter runs.

Another method is using heat transfers. This involves using an heavy duty iron press and basically melting the image into the fabric. The equipment needed for heat transfers is smaller and less expensive overall. Each design does, however, have to be purchased as a heat transfer sheet.

Starting your own at home baby clothing business can be a great way to supplement a regular income. Or, if you are a talented designer and good marketer, the business can become a full-time business and major source of income. The crucial ingredients are finding affordable wholesale baby clothes, effectively using design software and finding affordable children's clothing printing.

The Koko Bean Shop is a leading seller of wholesale baby clothes. We have a huge selection of baby blanks (clothing with no imprinted design) available in traditional and organic varieties. Baby clothing designers love our the quality of our our clothing and the reasonable wholesale prices we offer. Visit us online at Koko Bean Shop.

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