Caterers provide a complete dining experience. Three of the most popular catered events are cocktail parties, fund raisers, and wedding receptions. Most full-time caterers earn a six-figure income.
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Start a Home Based Catering Business

Caterers are very popular and everyone loves the food they prepare. There are not enough caterers to meet the demand today and industry experts say the demand for them will continue to grow. Catering is a winning home based business that may be just right for you. Let us see if it is.

What do caterers do?

Caterers provide a complete dining experience. It is better than a restaurant. They provide a delicious meal, an attentive serving staff, table settings and decorations, candle lighting, and favors.

Three of the most popular catered events are cocktail parties, fund raisers, and wedding receptions. Some other main events are birthdays, anniversaries, political fund raisers, product launches, country club dances, university celebrations, and cast parties for people in show business.

Being a caterer is a hard job. It takes mental as well as physical stamina. You have to be a good organizer, and have excellent people skills.

How much do caterers earn?

The sky is the limit - as far as making money is concerned. Most full-time caterers earn a six-figure income. Part-time caterers can expect to earn as much as $50,000 a year. The good thing is, you can start a catering business on a tight budget.

Catering Requirements

There are a few rules caterers have to follow. For example, the kitchen in which you prepare food, must be approved by your local Board of Health. Depending on your local laws, you may need a permit as well as a food worker card. A trade association such as the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) can help you comply with local laws.

A trade association such as NACE can also help you become certified as a Professional Catering Executive. Their education and training courses are well-known for their quality. The association can offer you the liability insurance you need, as well.

Marketing Your Catering Business

Word of mouth is the best marketing you can do. Putting on one successful catered event can bring you enough clients to fill your schedule for months to come. Another powerful marketing move is to network with event planners and wedding planners. These planners are always looking for caterers.

Insider Tips from Experienced Caterers

Here are a few insider tips to help make your catering business a success.

1. When first starting out, try to work for an established caterer for six months to a year. This will help you learn quickly.

2. Right after an event, check to see that the area is clean and in order. Together with the event planner, it may be necessary to hire a cleaning person. It will be worth it, though. The host will be pleased and may hire you to cater the next event.

3. A couple of days after an event, send the host or hostess who hired you a thank-you note with a small gift. A good gift might be a bouquet of roses for a woman or a bottle of fine wine or liquor for a man.

People love throwing big parties and the food table is always the center of attention. What better time than now to start a home based business as a caterer? You can get in on all the fun and make money along the lines of an executive income at the same time.

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